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We've added Facebook and Twitter sharing icons to Googolplex, as well as its sister publications. Use this function with your staff and members to expand your reach.

To improve engagement on Facebook, social-media resource Mashable recommends including a call to action in posts. Ask questions to invite comments and build rapport with credit union members and potential members.
"Multiple experiments by other brands and yours truly show that the posts where you include a call to action get better-than-average engagement," writes Ekaterina Walter, a social media strategist at Intel and contributor to Mashable.

How does your credit union reach out to members? How do you use social media? Let us know by emailing Rena at
C-Note Instant Poll results—Money Smarts
The good news is that the majority of C-Note readers learned the most about money from a relative or friend. The bad news is that a lot learned from the school of hard knocks.
There's plenty of room for credit union front-line employees to educate youth.
Chloe, 16 (left), shares what she learned in Rogue Credit Union's student teller program. Her enthusiasm in contagious. Share her story, "Typical Day Working at a Credit Union," with members young and old!
Here is the recent instant poll question* and responses:
Q: Who has taught you most about money?
1. A relative or friend
2. A teacher or adviser
3. Someone I get paid to work for
4. Me, from the school of hard knocks
5. People at my credit union
Instant poll questions capture your high school members’ attention. On which issues would you like to learn more about what they think? Use your imagination and send your poll questions with possible responses to Rena Crispin.

* Instant poll results reflect an unscientific sampling of Googolplex readers.

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These summaries are suitable for Facebook or Twitter posts.
For Pinterest, follow the links to capture images and pin to your Pinterest boards.

5-Spot for elementary school kids

Reap the Harvest: Gardening is fun and yields a delicious harvest. Maddy tells you how to avoid potential problems.
New (School) Year Resolutions: Happy New Year! Take the 5-Spot challenge—one resolution a month for the school year.
Be a Public Speaking Ninja: In this video, Coletrane, 12, shares his tricks to boldly speaking in front of people.

AJ's for middle school preteenagers

The Whole Picture: "You don’t need to be super great at art to be an artist," says Rylee, 14. Find out what it takes.
Money-Hungry Snakes: Your pet snake has an unusual diet—he loves money! Move him around his pen as he gobbles up cash.
Get the Acting Gig: In this video, Karen tells you how to snag an audition, be believable, and capture the part.

C-Note for high school teenagers

Be a Frosh Phenom! Hannah, 18, discusses the challenges and rewards that come from joining a sports team in college.
Combination Station: Do the Yahtzee twist as you place virtual cash in 13 different credit union teller windows.
Dream On: Dive into Mallory's dream series as she discusses why getting enough sleep is important and how to do it.
Get In the Habit! Blogger Bridget shares her ideas about how to start a strong savings habit.
Investment Calculators: Two calculators in one! Compare different ways of benefiting from compounding interest.
Save Fuel: In this video, Bennett, 18, shares simple things he does to improve his fuel economy.
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