Googolplex is hiring youth!

Googolplex is seeking responsible young people with diverse backgrounds for 12 paid positions on our youth editorial board. No travel is necessary—we welcome applicants from all over the country.

Board membership requires a one-year commitment, starting in June, 2012. Payment is based on age level. Click the images to the right to view this year's youth board members.

Openings are available in three age brackets for the 2012-2013 school year: 

  • Elementary school (grades 3-5)
  • Middle school (grades 6-8)
  • High school (grades 9-12)

Youth who are a part of the Googolplex editorial board gain numerous benefits, including payment, experience writing consumer-related articles, and opportunities to play credit-union friendly online games. It’s a fantastic way for kids to learn about money while also having fun and getting paid for their time.

If young people are interested in the position, or want more information, have them contact Corey Pratt, Googolplex youth editorial board liaison:

  • e-mail:

before Feb. 6, 2012.

Get the word out about the Googolplex youth editorial board by copying this message into your credit union newsletter or by posting links to these articles in 5-Spot, AJ’s, and C-Note on your credit union website.

Think wide: Parents and grandparents are excellent resources to get the word out about the opportunity. Membership on the youth editorial board is also open to credit union employees’ children.

We take privacy seriously and do not display last names or sell information to third parties.

C-Note $1,000 GRAND PRIZE Photo Contest: Vote!
Head's up! The $1,000 C-Note Grand Prize photo contest starts Dec.9 and runs until Jan. 25, 2012. C-Note visitors of any age can vote once every 24 hours to determine which photo is the best of the seven $100 winners in photo contests held over the past year.
Encourage your members age 13 to 19 to enter their photos in the contest theme Unusual Weather We're Having. Deadline is Jan. 25, 2012. The winner of Unusual Weather We're Having gets a cool $100 and automatic entry in next year's Grand Prize contest for $1,000. Look to your left to see the most recent entry from Marina, 16, The Summit Federal Credit Union, Newark, N.Y.
Here's the schedule for next year's photo contest themes:
Theme                                         Photo entry (ends at midnight)
Unusual Weather We're Having Oct. 27, 2011 to Jan. 25, 2012
Furry Friends Jan. 26 to March 21, 2012
Extraordinary Family March 22 to May 10, 2012
Fun in the Rain May 11 to June 28, 2012
Bird's-Eye View June 29 to Aug. 16, 2012
Best Smile :) Aug. 17 to Oct. 4, 2012
Drive-Thru Windows Oct. 5, 2012 to Jan. 10, 2013
$1,000 Grand Prize
Nov. 29, 2012 to Jan. 10, 2013
(winners of the previous seven contests)
Jan. 11 to March 1, 2013
(this begins the next photo contest season)
Marketing tip: Attract teenagers with photo contests

Use the C-Note photo contests to draw high school students to Googolplex on your credit union website:

  • Put a graphic or text announcement on your front page or on an interior youth page. Make it immediate and to the point—the way teenagers like it!
  • Don't name the specific contest themes—unless you're ready to change your announcement every seven weeks.
  • Announce the contests in your newsletters or in other communications to members.

Sample announcement: Win $100 or even $1,000 in the C-Note Photo Contest

It's up to you! Whether or not your photo entry is voted "best of the best" by your peers, any time's the right time to visit the C-Note photo contest. Who knows, you could win $100 or even $1,000. Here's how: 

  • Visit C-Note on our website. [If this is a print communication, insert your credit union's URL for the front page of C-Note here.]
  • Click on the photo contest display on the top right of the page.
  • Read the rules and enter your photo in the contest theme named on the top right side of the page.

What photo will you enter? There's a new $100 theme every seven weeks and a $1,000 grand prize once a year.

While you're on the contest page, vote for your favorite photo in the ballot box. Click on the different photos in the ballot box, scroll down to read others' comments and "talk back."

Come back often! There's a wealth of information to help you become financially competent, plus it's a lot of fun! C-Note posts something new every week: stories, games, videos, blog posts, poll questions, and fresh ongoing dialogue in the form of posted comments from your peers.

With your subscription you get several tools to help you market Googolplex. They're all available from your Googolplex customization and installation page. Rena Crispin, Googolplex's managing editor, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4258, can help you pinpoint the best tools for your situation.

AJ's reader poll results—What do you do?
Wouldn't it be nice to find a teachable moment with young teenagers? Submitted by online readers from all over the country, a recent AJ's Reader Poll question gives you just that. Jessica asks middle-school youth to look at their own shopping and spending habits:
You're off to the mall, but your pockets are empty. You...
1. Skip it—you're broke.
2. Borrow from your friends.
3. Nothing, you're just going to hang out.
4. Ask your parents for a few bucks and hope they give more.

The majority of respondents would not try to get money, either by borrowing or asking. At the start of the new year, what better time to point youth to:

Create Your Spending Game Plan Money you save is money you'll spend on yourself in the future, and a spending plan puts you in control. Includes the interactive My Super Savings and Spending Calculator.

Instant poll questions capture your high school members’ attention. On which issues would you like to learn more about what they think? Use your imagination and send your poll questions with possible responses to Rena Crispin.

* Instant poll results reflect an unscientific sampling of Googolplex readers.

Here's the lineup in Googolplex for January, February, and March 2012.

5-Spot stories

Make Green Stuff From Old Stuff: Kasey, 11, likes to "look for things that have been forgotten or thrown away." He's turned his hobby into a thriving business, and you can too! (Building the Future From the Past: yt-2583) 

Gardening: It's Worth the Effort: In this three-part series on why, how, and wow! Maddy, 13, shares with us her secrets to getting the most out of dirt. This story starts with why.

Gardening: Make Your Own Garden: "If I could choose the shape of my garden, I would make it a map of the United States. Then, I could say that I'm planting peas in Florida!" says Maddy, in part 2 of this three-part series on gardening.

5-Spot activities

The Card Whisperer: The Great Googolini has a simple card trick for you...simple, that is, if you believe she can hear you whispering to a computer! Think of a card, then whisper it. Watch in amazement as she pulls it from the deck!

Sonic Math: Are your math skills built for speed? Sonic Math hurls math equations at you for you answer as fast as you can. So get busy--race the clock!

rps, omg! These are modern times. Are you still playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with your hands? Get with it, and try this online version of rps. 

AJ's stories

Want Money? Consider an Internship: Have you ever wanted something like a cellphone or a laptop but you didn't have enough money to get it? Lucia, 12, says you may be able to earn money, and more, with an internship.

Skateboarding for Life: Whether or not you dream of competing professionally in the competitive world of skateboarding, Adam tells you how to skateboard for life.

Can Get the Spirit of Tuskegee: "I never thought when I woke up this morning that I would have ended my day by flying in a plane...the Spirit of Tuskegee!" says Jake, age 12. 

AJ's activities

Bamboozled: There are more than 3,800 words in the English language with a double-o. Can you identify these double-o answers without getting bamboozled?

Get it for Granny: Granny just sent you to her labyrinth of a cellar to retrieve a thing or two. Before you can get it, you must navigate her cellar--it's not your typical mazes, but then again Granny’s cellar is anything but typical.

Chatterbox: Meet Chatterbox--the world’s only talking mime! Chatterbox and his friend will keep quiet as you attempt a difficult trivia quiz, but they’ll still help in their own way. Who says mime doesn’t pay? 

C-Note stories

Make Your Money Work in a Roth IRA: Hannah, 15, asks, “Where do you want to be in 60 years?” Planning ahead that far seems impossible, but let Hannah explain why you should think about opening a Roth IRA and take advantage of compound interest now.

Travel on the Cheap: A European Adventure: Kelsey shares what she learned about traveling on the cheap while planning, organizing, and traveling in Europe for three weeks with two friends. “It was the trip of a lifetime!” she says.

Make a Career in Stage Makeup: You can have fun doing stage makeup and also experience a potential career choice later in life, if you’re into theater. 

C-Note activities

Three of a Kind: Caution: You are about to pass through a vocabulary vortex into a world where all you get is a set of three words that don’t really go together...unless you can discover a fourth dimension that connects with each.

$88,333 a Second: What cost $88,333 a second in 2010? An ad during the Super Bowl. Take this quiz and you’ll never look at another ad the same way again!

It Came from the Classroom: Students aren’t the only ones who get tired in class. Before the days of Blu-Ray or even video, your parents and grandparents had to sit through some of the strangest educational films ever made. You tell this movie for real?

Copy & Art Express™ (CARTX) subscribers—The number in parentheses after a summary is the item number of a shorter version of the article available in CARTX. To locate the article, enter the number in the key word search.
Links to Recent Releases
Here are the links to the feature items students saw in November 2011:

5-Spot activity

Back 2 Square 1: We divided a picture into squares, reproduced some, rotated some, and mirror-imaged others. Now you tell us: Which squares are from the original grid?

5-Spot story

Math Beyond Your Imagination: There are so many different ways we use math, every day. Meet three people who have jobs that involve math.

AJ's activity

Woodenhead: Do you speak dummy? Long after the ventriloquist has gone home for the day, his stage partner Wilbur Woodenhead just keeps on talking. Can you decipher 10 of his words or phrases?

AJ's story

Cell Phones: 3G or Not? "I have a 3G plan," says Shereen, 13, so you'd think she'd tell you why you need one, too. Nope. "You can use your money more wisely and effectively," she advises. (yt-2642) 

C-Note activity

Mixed Messages: You can decipher a simple anagram, but can you rearrange a complete paragraph of them? We’ve taken a simple rearrangement exercise to a whole new level with five unusual messages in desperate need of un-mixing!

C-Note story

Make Sense of Credit-Card Laws: The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act became law in 2009 to protect consumers against unfair practices. "The CARD act is meant to protect all consumers, but it will especially affect us as young adults," says Kelsey, age 25. Find out how.

C-Note video

Keep Your Money Safe: Erienne tells you how to keep your trip memorable and make your money work for you--safely--as you travel.

Copy & Art Express™ (CARTX) subscribers—The number in parentheses after a summary is the item number of a shorter version of the article available in CARTX. To locate the article, enter the number in the key word search.
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Chloe says about her winning photo:
"My school is very unique! We have a brand new school built just last year, but what makes it amazing is it is built next to a wetland! The school and students made a choice to preserve the wetland and they made it part of our learning curriculum."
New Drive-Up Envelope
Drive-Up Envelope
Free checking may have brought them to your credit union, but credit union members save even more with lower rates on loans. This simple drive-up envelope will be available to ship the week of Dec. 5.
National Financial
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The National Financial Capability Challenge runs March 12 to April 13, 2012. This is a free program conducted by the U.S. departments of treasury and education. Let your members know about this opportunity!
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