Winner! Mount Hood: Fire and Ice by Melanie, 18
    Almost 1,700 people of all ages voted in the most recent C-Note photo contest theme: Unusual Weather We're Having!
    Melanie, age 18, is a member of Red Canoe Credit Union, Longview, Wash. She says about her winning photo:
    "The absence of snow led my family & me to the mountains. My city did not receive much snow this year, which is unusual. My photo’s name reflects the appearance of burning trees in the background, & this provides a nice contrast with the snow."
    Encourage your members age 13 to 19 to enter their photos in the next C-Note photo contest theme. Visitors to C-Note can vote once every 24 hours to pick the winners. With your support, one of your young members could win $100 or even $1,000!
    Use this sample announcement to invite young teenagers to enter and vote in any of the coming C-Note photo contest themes.
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    Or, contact me, Rena Crispin, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4258. I can help you pinpoint the best tools for your situation.
    C-Note Instant Poll results—Saving
    Teenagers are saving their money. Congratulations! Among those responding to the recent poll, only 9% of C-Note readers say they do not save any money.
    The sobering news is that majority of this spring’s college graduates are not ready to take on the world financiallyC-Note helps credit unions educate young people about the benefits of saving. Point them to the article written by Hannah, age 17: Make Your Money Work in a Roth IRA.
    Here is the recent poll question* and responses:

    Q: How much money do you save at a time?
    1. $50 and up
    2. $25-$45
    3. $10-25
    4. $1- $10
    5. I don't save any money
    Instant poll questions capture your high school members’ attention. On which issues would you like to learn more about what they think? Use your imagination and send your poll questions with possible responses to Rena Crispin.

    * Instant poll results reflect an unscientific sampling of Googolplex readers.

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    5-Spot for elementary school kids

    Cartoons Tell Credit Union Story: Learn how a man from Austria became famous for his cartoons.

    Flip: Connect 10 tops to 10 bottoms on these coins, before you flip out.

    AJ's for middle school preteenagers

    The Cartoon Crusade: Learn how early cartoons spread the news about credit unions.

    Seeing Stars: Connect the stars to form famous constellations.

    C-Note for high school teenagers

    Own a Credit Union—Me? Banks and credit unions are totally different. It starts with who gets the profits.

    It Came From the Classroom: Is this movie for real? http:/

    Sky High Gasoline: Bridget says there's no reason why you shouldn't have a free mobile app to find the cheapest gas.

    What to Do to Become a Blogger: Blogger Kevin says it's quite easy to become a popular blogger. Here's how.

    Clunk: Hot chick, cool car...what clunk? Check out the next episode of the serial comic Wheels.

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