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Give this message to your teenage members:

Got opinions? Want an audience? Like to be in the dialogue?
If you're selected as one of the C-Note bloggers, we'll pay $1,200 for the privilege of promoting you every week for a whole year, starting June 4!

For this blogging position, you must be in high school (ninth through 12th grade) in the fall of 2012 or, if homeschooled, of high school age.

As a blogger, you'll have your own title for your series of posts. You can see the titles we're using now, "Under the Flourescent" and "Money Smarts," on this page [link to] . Scroll down to the bottom of the display and click on the archive links to see previous series titles.

It's a fantastic opportunity to showcase and develop your writing skills and be a part of the blogging community—while getting paid. Sound like a fun way to earn 100 bucks every four weeks?

Visit our current bloggers to learn a little about them, and to visualize yourself in their shoes over the next year. Then, send your request for the application and job description to Corey Pratt, C-Note college intern:

• E-mail:
• Phone: 608-231-4051

Completed applications are due April 30, 2012.
We take your privacy seriously on C-Note and do not display your last name or sell your information to third parties. You'll never have to worry about spam from us filling up your inbox!
C-Note Instant Poll results—Energy drinks and bars
C-Note teenagers are money smart about energy drinks and bars. Almost 70% don't spend a dime on these expensive snacks. Use C-Note's budgeting calculator and other tools to help your young members manage money.
One tool is peer-to-peer articles and discussion—95% of C-Note content is developed and written by credit union teenagers.
Point high school members to C-Note's How Much Do You Spend in a Year? Katie, 17, says that many teenagers spend their money within one week of getting their paychecks. "This hurts our pockets and may cause us to go into debt," she adds.
Here is the poll question* and responses:

Q: How much money do you spend a week on energy drinks or energy bars?
1. Zero, zip, nada
2. Less than $2
3. $2 to $3
4. $3 to $5
5. More than $5 
Instant poll questions capture your high school members’ attention. On which issues would you like to learn more about what they think? Use your imagination and send your poll questions with possible responses to Rena Crispin.

* Instant poll results reflect an unscientific sampling of Googolplex readers.

Invite middle schoolers to post notes, create icons in AJ's

Customize and feel free to edit this sample announcement—kids will figure most of this out once you help them register, invite heros, and find the note-posting function.
Be a Superhero!

Want to surprise your friends? Drop them a note that only they can see—online! It’s all happening in AJ’s on our website [LINK TO YOUR Web site URL] in Googolplex: The Credit Union Guide for Student Money Makers.

Click on the Googolplex logo on INSERT_CUSTOM03’s website, and then on AJ’s. Click "Not Yet Registered" on the bottom right [LINK TO], and invite your friends to do the same. Make sure you and your friends share your screen names with one another. Then, on the registration page:
  • Design your superhero icon.
  • Scroll down the page to invite your friends—using their screen names—to join your "league of heroes."
  • You can also double click the icons next to comments posted in "So, What do U Think?" below Kid Kred comics, Money Tricks, Reader Poll results, or at the ends of stories to invite other AJ's readers to be your heros.
Now get ready to fly! Look to the top of any page for HEY. IT’S YOUR SITE TOO. Then:
  • Scroll through the shapes and click on one. A box will open on the page.
  • Click and drag words, characters, and txt messages to the area that opens up below the box. Click "done."
  • Click and drag to move your note around on the page until it's where you want it.
  • Decide who you want to send the note to and click "post." Refresh the page and see what your friends will see when they visit that page in AJ's.
  • Check for notes anytime by clicking on screen names in the My Heroes list on the left side of any page.
Come back often—there’s a wealth of information and fun in AJ’s, with something new every week: stories, games, videos, Kid Kred adventures, notes from your friends, poll questions, and fresh ongoing dialogue in the form of posted notes from your peers.

With your subscription you get several tools to help you market Googolplex. They're all available from your Googolplex customization and installation page. Rena Crispin, Googolplex's managing editor, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4258, can help you pinpoint the best tools for your situation.

Recent releases

Here's text for Facebook and Twitter posts to last a month—use at least one new one every week. Even if your credit union doesn't use social media, you can still use the information and links in this email in your traditional marketing communications to let young people know about the financial tools in Googolplex.

Facebook versions:

5-Spot for elementary school kids

Gardening—It's Worth the Effort: In this three-part series on why, how, and wow! Maddy, 13, shares with us her secrets to getting the most out of dirt. [Link to]

Sonic Math: Are your math skills built for speed? Sonic Math hurls math equations at you for you to answer as fast as you can. So get busy—race the clock! [Link to]

AJ's for middle school pre-teenagers

Skateboarding for Life: Whether or not you dream of competing professionally in the world of skateboarding, Adam tells you how to skateboard for life. [Link to]

Get It for Granny: Granny just sent you to her labyrinth of a cellar to retrieve a thing or two. Before you can get it, you must navigate her cellar—it's not your typical maze, but Granny’s cellar is anything but typical. [Link to]

C-Note for high school teenagers

Travel on the Cheap—a European Adventure: Kelsey shares what she learned about traveling on the cheap while planning, organizing, and traveling in Europe for three weeks with two friends. "It was the trip of a lifetime!" she says. [Link to]

Three of a Kind: Caution: You are about to pass through a vocabulary vortex into a world where all you get is a set of three words that don’t really go together...unless you can discover a fourth dimension that connects with each. [Link to]

Ace Your Interview: Blogger Bridget says, "It's important to succeed in obtaining employment." She shares the seven pet peeves of interviewers and gives practical advice for acing your next job interview. [Link to]

Cheat Your Sleep Schedule? Bloging about new research about sleep cycles, Kevin says you might feel more refreshed if you "spread out your sleep time into little naps throughout the day and night." [Link to]

Own the Road: Marcy gets a loan for the Blue Book value of her dream car along with some advice from her credit union loan officer in the serial comic Wheels. [Link to]

For your Twitter posts (each is < 140 characters):

5-Spot for elementary school kids

Gardening—It's Worth the Effort: Maddy, 13, shares her secrets to getting the most out of dirt.

Sonic Math: Are your math skills built for speed? Get busy—race the clock!

AJ's for middle school pre-teenagers

Skateboarding for Life: Adam talks about competing professionally in the world of skateboarding.

Get It for Granny: Navigate the labyrinth when Granny sends you to her cellar to retrieve a thing or two.

C-Note for high school teenagers

Travel on the Cheap—a European Adventure: Kelsey shares what she learned about saving money on the trip of a lifetime.

Three of a Kind: Caution: You are about to pass through a vocabulary vortex into a fourth dimension!

Ace Your Interview: Blogger Bridget gives practical advice for acing your next job interview.

Cheat Your Sleep Schedule? Kevin blogs about changing your sleeping patterns to wake up more refreshed.

Own the Road: Marcy gets financing for her dream car as well as advice from her credit union loan officer.

Give youth print and online newsletters!

Every quarter we send you enough ready-to-print pages to create three full newsletters— one for elementary-school, middle-school, and high-school level readers. We provide newsletters in high resolution for print, and low resolution for email or online viewing.

Here’s how you get it:

To retrieve the ready-to-print, ready-to-view newsletter pages each quarter, log in to your Googolplex newsletter page, select the pages you need, and download them free of charge.

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