Meet the new youth editorial board
Thank you for sending youth our way to compete for new positions on the Googolplex youth editorial board for 2012-2013. Even though competition was strong, 12 outstanding young people made the cut.
Click the link for each reading level and meet:
5-Spot (elementary school)
Sean Fogerty, Misawa Air Base, Japan, Navy Federal Credit Union
Ashlyn Lacey, Jacksonville, Fla., Keesler Federal Credit Union
Colby Eubanks, Burlington, Ky., Keesler Federal Credit Union
Kimberly Castro, Milwaukee, Landmark Credit Union
AJ's (middle school)
Talia Bossingmham, Clinton, Wis., First American Credit Union
Emily Cognevich, Slidell, La., Keesler Federal Credit Union
Allison Killinger, Columbia, S.C., SAFE Federal Credit Union
C-Note (high school)
Bryan Endres, Plainfield, Ill., Numark Credit Union
Daniel Mueller, Brea, Calif., Kinecta Federal Credit Union
Jacob Sandoval, Sonita, Ariz., Hughes Federal Credit Union
Alex Schaffer, Vienna, W.Va., West Virginia Central Credit Union
Marta Williams, Woodbury, Minn., United Educators Credit Union
AJ's Reader Poll results—Got Money?
Thanks to you, credit union teenagers know how to save their money. The most recent reader poll in AJ's, the middle-school level of Googolplex, shows that when they receive money, 56% say they save it for something big.
Introduce your young teenage members to Shawn. When he was five, Shawn, now 11, started getting an allowance. "My parents told me to budget my allowance and save some for my future," he says. His response: “I'm only five, why save now?”
Now Shawn says he understands why. In "Investing Can Get You Free Money," Shawn tells his preteenage cohort what he learned about earning, budgeting, and investing money.
Here is the recent reader poll question* submitted by online reader jlu11:

Q: When you receive money, do you...
1. Spend it right away?
2. Save for something big?
3. Give to charity?
4. Put it in your wallet?
Instant poll questions capture your high school members’ attention. On which issues would you like to learn more about what they think? Use your imagination and send your poll questions with possible responses to Rena Crispin.

* Instant poll results reflect an unscientific sampling of Googolplex readers.

Recent releases
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5-Spot for elementary school kids

Fashion Is My Passion: Talia, 8, interviews two designers about fashion and shares their advice.

The 93 Days of Summer: Load yourself up with this yummy summer-vacation fun list!

AJ's for middle school preteenagers

Birthday Tycoon: Chloe, 10, says, "I started a birthday party business!" You can too--find out how!

Piece of Cake: Jigsaw puzzles are relaxing activities that soothe the spirit. Yeah, right.

C-Note for high school teenagers

Driver's Dilemma: Spencer, 17, shows you how to keep "both the ID and the money pockets of your wallet happy."

Master of Games: If you think you’re the only game in town, you might be about to find out where your master gets his name.

Get a Different Perspective: Blogger Kevin ponders the entrapment of "all these electronic devices."

Use Strategy: Bridget blogs about spending on "the life you want to live vs. spending on the life you actually live."

I Don't Like That Sound...Did Marcy check her vehicle's history online before buying? Read the serial comic, Wheels.

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