Tools for School--Success!

You’re sitting in math class and your teacher writes on the board:


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You have two minutes to figure out how to turn this into a math problem.

When time is half up, you look around and all your friends seem to be done, but you’re not even close.

Frustrated, you give up and start drawing squiggles on your paper.

So, looks like you haven’t learned about percentages yet! That’s fine. It just means that you will be learning about them soon.

When you finally do—and you will—you’ll feel proud of your accomplishment.

Keep at it

Doing well in school gives you future power!

Doing your homework every night is like practicing anything else you want to learn. You get better at it every day.

It seems like a small part of your life—but homework is a big deal. It helps you understand what you're learning in class.

Doing your homework also helps you build good habits. And, when you do well, it encourages you to keep improving.

Doing well in school gives you future power. It allows you to go to a good college, earn a degree, and get a good job. Once you have a career, you’ll have the ability to spend your time doing things you like to do.

Here are some tips to help you with your homework...


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