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Dream Big
My sister Rachel.Sometimes we have to hit the mute button.
In a world filled with algebra homework, research papers, relationship problems and juggling after-school jobs with soccer practice, we have schedules as hectic as many adults.

Sometimes we have to hit the mute button in our lives and think, without the television blaring or our cell phones vibrating.

Turn it all off

Do you cram so much into your life that you don’t have time to do something basic and essential: dream?


If you don’t dream and just live your day to day life, you may never be able to get excited about anything.

Sometimes the best part of your day is the part where you drift off into a romantic or far off daydream. But don't limit yourself—dream big!

Okay, how?

Visualization is the key. In fact, it's the key to success. Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." This is a quote that really changed the way I view life.

If Walt Disney could achieve all of his goals when his teacher said he lacked imagination, don’t you think we could achieve ours?

Think about what the world would look like right now if everyone:

What would have happened if Walt Disney had just put down his pen and said, "Forget it, I have no imagination," after hearing his teacher's remark?


Turning your dream into a reality is easy as long as you know how to approach it...

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