Hi ! My name is Chatterbox and this is my sister, Chinwagger. We are mimes—actor/dancers who use silent movements and gestures to portray a scene or short story.

Try to answer these questions, but if you need a clue, click to ask me or my sister for help. Ask the right mime and you’ll get help to answer each question.


1) Each year, 20,000 television commercials are aimed exclusively at children; 7,000 of these are for what product?

2) Wisconsin has many self-proclaimed “world capital” cities and towns. Sheboygan is the “Bratwurst Capital of the World.” Green Bay is the “Toilet Paper Capital of the World.” The town of Bloomer claims to be the “World Capital” of what?

3) A ferrule is often found at the top of what object?

4) The first human-made invention to break the sound barrier was what?

5) The world's biggest _____ weighs 256 pounds and is on display at a museum in California.

6) A lion, the king of the jungle, sleeps up to 20 hours each day. What animal usually sleeps only two hours each day?

7) Kentucky citizens are required by law to do what at least once a year?

8) In one day, what does the average person do 5,000 to 7,000 times?

9) The first motion picture in the U.S. was filmed by Thomas Edison in 1894. It featured a man doing what?

10) Scientists have produced a microscopic-size version of this instrument. It is no larger than a blood cell, but can be heard when played. What is it?

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