New Bills Make the Grade


It's cool that they're using tiny lenses on Franklin's $100 bill.
Jacob (left) tells Katie and Jonah about Ben Franklin.

The $100 bill has even more special security. It uses microprinting, or letters that are so small that a counterfeiter can't copy them.

The small print is created with tiny lenses that aren't available to ordinary people.

That makes it super hard for someone who wants to create fake $100 bills to make them look real.

Ben Franklin might not be surprised by the neat technology on his $100 bill. Franklin was always ahead of the times.

They get new looks, too!

Watch the video to find out what all these circles mean.
The new $5—
Watch the video!

The new designs for the $5 and $100 bills have new symbols, and have new colors. It's just like getting a new set of clothes!

The new $5 bill has a new symbol of freedom on it. It's the Great Seal of the United States, which shows an eagle and shield.

There's some cool new color, too. The new $5 bill's light purple in the center and has small yellow "5s" to the left of Lincoln's portrait on the front, and to the right of the Lincoln Memorial on the back.

We finally have the opportunity to play with the new $100 bill that's coming soon. The U.S. Government spend more than 10 years figuring out how to make it safe!

True or False: Abraham Lincoln fell victim to 'Tecumseh's Curse,' which plagued the presidency from 1840 until 1960.
Click Abe's head for the answer.
TRUE: Before becoming president, William Henry Harrison led forces that defeated Chief Tecumseh in the Battle of Tippecanoe. From Harrison to Kennedy, every president who was elected in a year ending with a '0' has died in office, including Lincoln.

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