New Ways to Use Old T-Shirts

8. Make it artwork

Many of your old T-shirts have designs too pretty to throw away. A great way to use that design is to frame it for your room.

Cut the arms, collar, and back out of the shirt. Then frame the front of the shirt so the design is centered in the frame. Finish framing, hang it in your room, and enjoy your new artwork.3113_pillow
Reuse the design of a T-shirt to cover a pillow.

9. Cover a pillow

Another great way to reuse the design of a T-shirt for your room is to cover a pillow. There are two ways:

10. Make a rug

If you have many, many old shirts and are in dire need of a new rug in your house, you can solve both problems in one step: Crochet a rug!

Gather your old T-shirts to make t-shirt “yarn”. Using a big crochet hook, you can now crochet your way to a soft, economical, recycled, handmade rug. Enjoy!

Something new out of something old

No shirts? No sweat.

Reuse the design of a T-shirt to cover a pillow.

Making something new out of something old is all about your mindset. You can look at a T-shirt for what it is at the moment, but with these suggestions you can see what it can become.

If you toss it out now with only a glance, you’re wasting money. When you make something new from it, you give it a fresh look and save money, which is a smart move.

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"This article has it all; easy to read information, interesting pictures, and fun ideas that don't require you to be a master at sewing! It's just in time, too, because spring has sprung, which means we'll all be looking into our closets, eying our old, boring t-shirts with disgust. These ideas are trendy, green, and very economical. I can't wait to start knitting a new rug, while wearing a newly tie-died t-shirt!"
4t829, 15, Mukwonago, WI

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Jenni, 14, Norfolk, VA

"This is a very thorough article. I am happy it gives lots of options because many of them appeal to me while others appeal to younger kids. The number of additional links is also a nice way to add content. I mostly liked the ones that had nice editing and cool music -- not the news-oriented ones or the ones that are very homemade or had people who seemed boring."
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Michaela, 14, Woodbury, MN

"Thanks for the awesome Ideas! Im definitely going to fix all my t-shirts so that I can still wear them. I love the video u suggested to watch, it was really helpful! thanks for all the ideas!"
Cecily Jane, 13, Austin, Tx

"I truly appreciate your story. I really enjoyed reading about the different things you can do with your old t-shirts. It's great. I might make a hand bag or a pillow case. Thank You! -Nakkita"
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bendres97, 14, Plainfield, Il

""I really enjoyed this article, but what I loved most was the different links I could go to. I am definitely considering doing something with my old shirts now. Thanks Hailey!" Dannielle95, 16, Dayton, VA 01/20/12 "
Dannielle95, 16, Dayton, VA

""I really enjoyed reading this article, but what I loved most was all the links I could go to in case I needed more help or examples of the task I was to perform. This definitely makes me want to do something with my old shirts.""
Dannielle95, 16, Dayton, VA

"Wow! This was such an interesting article. I could not believe that the author of this was only 15! The pictures and videos made it interesting to follow along with, and the design and formatting of the article made it seem much more professional. The idea of the quilt intrigued me, and I think it would be awesome to have a blanket that consisted of all my favorite designs. This must have taken a lot of time and effort, but it is so helpful and full of details. Great job, Hailey! Daniel, 15, Brea, CA"
Daniel, 15, Brea, CA

"Wow!This was such an interesting story. I could not believe that the author of this was only 15! The pictures and videos made it interesting to follow along with, and the design and formatting of the article made it seem much more professional."
Daniel, 15, Brea, CA

""This story was amazing, i found it really interesting to read. The way you added all the different ways to change a t-shirt made it amazing. Who would think that a t-shirt could be turned into several different objects. I loved it! This article was a hit, i give it 5 stars and seems to me you put a lot of effort and quality time to make it an excellent article.""
abbyroad96, 14, Corona, CA

"I loved this article because I am always on YouTube and other websites to figure out how to make some of my old clothes useful again. My favorite was the woven shirts. Thats the design I usually do with my shirts. "
Shauntrice, 17, DeFuniak Springs, FL

"I found this was a very interesting and creative article. It is always great to think of even one unique way to reuse an item, but there are ten fabulous ideas here. All the projects are relatively simple and easy to do, as well. Wonderful job!"
N119KS, 16, North Olmsted, OH

"Hailey Thank you for giving us ways to reuse our old tee-shirts. I have a drama production shirt that I have out grown but don't want to get ride of so I'm thinking of making a bag, and using it to hold my materials for this years show!"
sparkler, 17, , MA

"This story really taught me alot. I have an entire drawyer of old tee shirts and i've always wanted to throw them away. Now I am definatly going to make a quilt with them. I watched all the videos and they were very helpful! Especially the video where he showed us how to make a shirt into shorts, that was definatly useful and i might make a pair for myself or even my brother! Great Idea for a story, good job and keep up the good work!"
Seansinga, 15, Merrimack, NH

"I really enjoyed reading all that you had to say about making old t-shirts into new items. I found that I liked the tie-dyeing t-shirt article the best because I have never tie-dyed the way the man in the video did and I can't wait to try it. I also love the fact that the articles were teaching people how to reuse and recycle things that can be made into things that we use in everyday life. You did a great job!"
Kiwi, 17, Nampa, ID

"What a great way to "Go Green". Using something old in ways that I never even thought of. Your videos are very helpful! Thank you"
Casey, 17, Coraopolis, Pa

"It was definitely a very helpful way to recycle clothing nd a neat way to keep the clothes you care about most."
kaitlin.4, 17, Gonzales, LA

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"I found this to be very interesting, especially the one about making t-shirt "yarn"! I'd never heard of anything like it! It really caught my eye, seems hard but it would be a cool challenge!"
Kapriann, 15, Spokane, WA

"Good story! The videos were really helpful, and I have to say that my favorite project was how to make pants out of the old T-shirt. I love sewing and will definitely be trying that!"
Sis of Six, 15, Mount Vernon, WA

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dgrusy, 17, Chillicothe, IL

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RGary02, 14, Hamilton, OH

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