Make a Stunning Scrapbook!

Okay, you've always saved pictures, postcards, clippings, and other cool things. They remind you of your friends and the fun you've had!

My favorite cat

Are they scattered around the house? Well, pick a topic and organize them into a scrapbook!

There is no "best way" to make a scrapbook. You can

Julia's fancy book


Julia takes time very week to bring her scrapbook up to date. She buys colorful pages and other supplies at a scrapbook specialty shop. Julia plans ahead, and turns every two-page "spread" into an interesting layout. Her captivating captions are mostly hand-written.

Julia uses stickers and drawings to keep every page looking lively and fun. Her book has photos, letters, and birthday cards. Here and there are carefully pressed autumn leaves and flowers.

Keep turning the pages and you'll find gum wrappers folded like an accordion. There's a postage stamp postmarked "Peking." Here's origami-folded gift wrap from a special present, in the shape of a crane.

One section contains poetry -- some that she wrote herself. Every once in a while she has added a cartoons strip from the Sunday paper. All these things help her capture everything she wants to remember.

Let's see how Cavon's and Mike's scrapbooks turned out...


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