March 14 is National Pi Day, celebrating the measurement of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Pi is actually an endless number that some diehard fans have calculated to over a trillion decimal places. We've shortened that a bit, to a mere 20:


Ready for some pi? Each answer. Each answer appears below after the deciimal point. Answers are anywhere from one to four consecutive digits long.

Fill in the blanks below and then tell us you're ready for pi. We'll respond by showing you how many answers you have correct.

What we won't tell you is which answers are right and which are wrong. You'll just have to keep trying until you get them all correct.

Hey, it's as easy as pi!

Keep track of the numbers you've used by clicking the same numbers above. One click will ghost-out your number. Click it again to reset it to normal.


1) Number of stomachs in a cow.

2) You must be at least this old to run for President of the US.

3) Actress Uma Thurman is exactly this many feet tall.

4) This billiard ball is typically solid yellow in color.

5) The area code for Bleiblerville, Texas.

6) Before winning the presidency in 1860, Abraham Lincoln lost this many elections for various offices.

7) In hockey, this many goals scored in a row is known as a "hat trick."

8) The full retirement age for people born in 1937 or earlier.

9) Last two digits of the Orwell classic.

10) This denomination bill was last printed in 1976.

11) This year marked the centennial of Columbus discovering America.

12) Rats can tread water for this many days straight.

Your Percentage Correct =

If your score was:

If your score was:

If your score was:

If your score was:


Want more pi? Click here to see pi calculated to the 128,000th place.


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