Financial Boot Camp
We're all in the dark about something. When it comes to money, some of us just don't know about repossession, bankruptcy, or bad credit. 

Those who understand know that these menaces can mean huge financial losses, high interest rates, and limited buying power. The worst part? You could be trapped weeks before you know it!

Click the button and there goes the stress!
Let Clare show you how to compete without stress.

How can you prevent financial ruin, and what can you do if it happens?


Line up and salute Marine Federal Credit Union (MFCU) Boot Camp!

I attended the first MFCU boot camp at its headquarters in Jacksonville, N.C.

The MFCU Boot Camp teaches teenagers all the things they want to know about finances. It's in a classroom with plenty of hands-on activities.

And just like a real boot camp we had physical training (PT) outside every morning...

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What makes credit unions so great? Members like you.

Every dollar you invest in your credit union earns you money while other members borrow it.

When you're ready for a loan, other members' savings will be there to help you out at the lowest possible cost.