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"I did not really enjoy these comics at all. I was expecting somethignfunny or at least useful. However, I was only confused and disappointed when I read them. The comics were hard to follow, and not funny at all. Also, I did not like that one of the comics had the word "skank" in it. I understand that many teens use thsi word, but i feel that it is innappropriate to condone the use of it. Overall, I was not impressed with the comic strip at all."
RLLM_1414, 16, Rogers City, MI
"I agree with the other comments on this video, with them saying "Predator" is not a good title for this comic. I think a more appropriate name would have something about the economy in it, because "Predator" could mean a lot of different things."
kendallweb, 15, Klamath Falls, OR
"I don't understand the title "Predator". The story line is interesting about tax etc. but it seems as if there is missing information right in the middle."
caugust, 13, Ocean Park, WA
"The title “Predator” has a derogatory meaning in the world today, where it is usually used in the phrase “child predator.” With this is mind, I think using “Predator” as a title of a comic is not good choice. Other phrases that might work for your comic and provide the same feeling I think you want to portray, are “Loan Trouble” or “Loan Crook.” The story line is great because it teaches the reader a lesson in a fun, appealing way. The reader learns to help people in need and to not take a huge risk unless they are in a position to manage the consequences that might come with the risk. "
busybee123, 15, Stafford, VA

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