Privacy Policy for Googolplex®:
The Credit Union Guide for Student Moneymakers

Because the privacy of young readers and other visitors to this online publication is of the utmost importance, Credit Union National Association, Inc. (CUNA) has adopted the following privacy policy, which conforms to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998:

The Information We Collect and How We Use and Share the Information:

  1. Site traffic records. CUNA collects information on domain names and dates and times of visits to Googolplex. This information, which includes NO personal identifiers, allows CUNA to record publication traffic and improve its navigation and content.

    CUNA provides summary information about visitors from each subscribing credit union's website –the total number of page views per reporting period ONLY. A credit union may use this confidential summary information to help assess the overall value of its Googolplex subscription.

    With the exception of the usage described above, visitor information is NEVER sold, given, or disclosed to third parties.
  1. Cookies. Googolplex does NOT require the use of per-session cookies. However, for readers' convenience in navigating the magazine, CUNA may still use temporary cookies, which are automatically erased after readers close their Web browsers.

    Cookie information is NEVER sold, given, or disclosed to third parties.
  1. Reader ratings of publication content. CUNA has feedback mechanism whereby readers can rate each new Googolplex story and activity on a simple five-point interest scale. CUNA records raw content rating percentages ONLY, and shares this information with the public online.

    With the exception of the usage described above, content rating information is NEVER sold, given, or disclosed to third parties.
  1. Email. CUNA may use feedback information from readers to respond to inquiries, comments, or suggestions.  If a response is called for we will respond using the email address you supply, but we will not keep the address or use it again for any other purpose.

    Email information is NEVER sold, given, or disclosed to third parties.

  2. Contests.  Children age 13 and older who enter a Googolplex contest may be asked for personally identifiable information, such as name, address, daytime phone number, and the name of their credit union.  CUNA will use this information to contact contest finalists and their credit unions, and to arrange for the delivery of prizes.  CUNA may also provide the winner’s personally identifiable information to his/her credit union.

    With the exception of the usage described above, personally identifying information is NEVER sold, given, or disclosed to third parties.

  3. Photographs and Videos.  We display the photographs and videos submitted by children which may include the child’s first name, age, city, and state.  Photographs and videos will not be displayed on the website without CUNA first receiving an executed Parental Release for all of the children visible in any such photograph or video.

    Photographs and videos and any related information will never be sold, given or disclosed to third parties.

Our Commitment to Security

  1. Children Under Age 13.  We recognize the particular importance of protecting privacy where children are involved. We are committed to protecting children's privacy on the Internet. If a child is asked for personal information other than for one-time uses, we will first collect the child’s parent’s e-mail address and use this information to contact the Parent via e-mail to notify the parent that their child wishes to provide personal information to us.  The notice will describe the purposes for which the personal information is collected, and provide the parent with an opportunity to decline our collection of the information from the child.  In our communication to the child’s parent, we will typically attach a Parental Consent Form which must be completed, signed, and returned to us either by regular mail or by fax as indicated on the Parental Consent Form.  In certain internal purposes, COPPA permits us to obtain parental consent via e-mail, followed by a subsequent confirmation from the parent, and we may obtain parental consent for such purposes by that method.

  2. Children Over Age 13.  Children age 13 and older may register to use the C-Note University section of Googolplex.  At the time of registration, they will be asked for their e-mail address, date of birth (to confirm age), and to create a user name and password.  When prompted to create a user name, we recommend you use non-personally identifiable information.  It will be possible for them to elect to receive e-mail notices when new content is available in the topics of their choice.

Parental Review

Parents, if you would like to do any of the following, please send an email to editor, Googolplex for instructions: access the personally identifiable information that this site has collected from your child, correct factual errors in such information, request to have this information deleted, or request that we no longer collect or maintain such information.

To protect your child’s privacy and security online, we will take appropriate steps to help verify your identity before granting you access to the personal information that we collect and maintain about your child.

How to Contact Us

CUNA is the operator of this website.  If you have any questions or concerns about CUNA’s Privacy Policy or its implementation please contact us via email by clicking the following link email, call us at (608-231-4258), or write to us at the following address: (Webmaster, CUNA & Affiliates, P.O. Box 431, Madison, WI 53701-0431).

Send questions and comments about Googolplex content to the editor. Find Googolplex content standards here.
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