Want to impress family and friends with your command of such cool words as "wyliecoat" (a warm undershirt) or "haboob" (a violent sandstorm)? We’ve gathered ten of the strangest words you’ve probably ever heard. Take this little quiz, and for each word, try to guess which definition is the real one. Don’t shy away from the weirdest definitions, as they could be the correct answer!

Where do all of these weird words come from? We found them in a cool little reference book called Mrs. Byrne’s Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words. Though the book is now out of print, your local library may have a copy.

Just one more thing before we begin: If you want to succeed at this little game, stay away from the fimblefamble. (phony answers).

Someone who always consumes a beverage quickly
A salesperson who sells faulty gongs
Someone who stares for hours at anything out of the ordinary
A bag for carrying musical equipment and/or lunch meat

Eating a frog
The act of sleeping with your mouth open
Being forced to send a Valentine to someone you really don't like
Riding a bicycle without holding on to the handlebars

A small bird that tends to sing off key
A rectangular hole in a piece of cloth
The space between shelves in a bookcase
A really bad Bruce Willis movie

A sickness caused by reading romance novels
A clog in a vacuum cleaner bag
An apartment building guarded by leopards
A fight between priests or nuns

A pie made of beef, lamb, or deer meat
A 1950s dance craze where teenagers would dunk their heads in buckets of water
The crust that forms in and around your eyes when you sleep
The inverted-S twist of kitchen sink drain pipe

The act of killing a monster
Impossibly large teeth-cleaning equipment
Breaking the law on a Monday
Ordering a meal at a drive-through, then leaving before picking it up or paying for it

Someone who hangs around a monk's home, just for fun
A lazy monk
A flat-out refusal to eat your lima beans
A person who covers everything they own with hairspray

A raisin
An artichoke
A melon
The last tissue in a box

A strong desire to watch stupid horror movies
A theory about the sudden mood swings of sea urchins
The ability to tie knots in rope using only your mind
A form of meditation where you stare at someone's belly button

Someone with hippopotamus-like features
A very, very long word
A small cake made out of seaweed and chocolate
The common joke of talking into a banana as if it were a telephone

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