Summer Fun with Your Friends

Want a break from organized sports and all the costs that go along with them?

Check out these games that are fun, free, and can be played right in your neighborhood or nearby park.

Most are variations of team sports, involving as few as two or three players.

Peggy on a Bounce or a Fly

Peggy is a softball game played by two or more players. One person bats, either throwing the ball up and hitting it, or hitting it off a tee.

The fielder must accumulate 300 points to earn the right to bat. Here's how you score.


Workup is a softball game for five or more players. The positions are:

If you have more than five players, first add a batter, and then spread them out on defense.

Check out these softball games for two or more people.


Here's how you score.

Would you like a game you can play with a tennis ball? Read about Strikeout...

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