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Credit Union National Association, Inc. (CUNA) grants a subscribing credit union the nontransferable right to make the contents of Googolplex: The Credit Union Guide for Student Moneymakers available to its members exclusively via the credit union's site on the World Wide Web. The subscribing credit union may activate standard links between Googolplex and its web site.

Members may download Googolplex content ONLY for personal, noncommercial use. In addition, currently subscribing credit unions may reproduce Googolplex syndicated features in print ONLY for the purpose of promoting members' use of Googolplex online. This use is described in "Subscriber Rights to Googolplex Syndicated Features," which appears on the Comics and Features pages of the subscriber's online administrative site. All other rights reserved.

Content Standards

CUNA intends Googolpex to provide the young members of subscribing credit unions with useful and entertaining information. To this end, the following standards apply:

  1. CUNA works with credit union people to ensure that Googolplex stories and activities are appropriate for members under the age of 18. Although editors take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the information in Googolplex is accurate and suitable for each reading-and-interest level of the magazine, CUNA cannot guarantee the veracity or integrity of Googolplex content.

  2. CUNA offers hot links to other World Wide Web sites from Googolplex as a service to readers. As much as possible, CUNA seeks sites that are reliable, educational, and noncommercial.

However, because of the speed and frequency with which online content changes, an external web site deemed suitable for a Googolplex link at the time of publication may not remain that way. As a result, CUNA does not endorse, approve, or control linked external Internet sites (or any specific commercial product or service their pages mention), or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, efficacy, timeliness, correct sequencing of information their pages contain, or suitability for minors.

Privacy Policy

CUNA respects the privacy rights of Googolplex readers with a policy (follow this link for details) that is consistent with the provisions of to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.

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