Got opinions? Want an audience? We’d like to hear from you. In fact, if you’re selected for our AJ’s Super Youth Team, we’ll pay to listen to you for a whole year.

Want to learn more? If you’ll be in middle school at the start of the next school year, contact Rena Crispin ( and she’ll send you an application!

Meet our current AJ’s Super Youth Team members and find out if they’re your kind of people:

Alex, age 10

AKA: Cito

I was born in Managua, Nicaragua and raised in a small town called San Marcos. I moved to the United States, to Madison, Wisc., when I was 7 years old. It was hard at first to adjust to the new culture and language. Everything was different. My first language is Spanish, so school was tough because I was immersed in the English language when we moved here. My dad had taught me English when I was in Nicaragua, but I didn’t have to use it all the time.

I have a big family in Nicaragua, with four aunts and four uncles and 21 cousins! The hardest part of moving to the U.S. was leaving my family. But I go there to visit every year, so it’s been easier to deal with.

I love to play sports, especially baseball. I play for the West Madison Little League and my favorite pro baseball team is the Boston Red Sox.

Aside from baseball, I love doing math. That’s my favorite subject in school. Other activities that I do are karate and I take Chinese class.

I am an only child (I wish I had brothers or sisters), but I have a cat. His name is Speedy.

Tori, age 13

AKA: Tortilla chip

As you might know from the ways I answered some of the questions, I am an animal lover.

When I am older, I would gladly volunteer at animal shelters and local humane societies. My dog Scooter means the world to me and I would like every child to know the joys of having a dog.

That’s why volunteering and/or working at a pet store would be a nice way to convince parents to let their kids have a new pet.

Emily, age 12

AKA: Emmy, Ems

My name is Emily. I am in 6th Grade, and am very active in both school and church. I love my family and friends, reading, writing, swimming, acting, and playing music.

I am in our school’s production of Annie Jr. as Grace Farrell, and am in our school’s chorus, vocal ensemble, and band, playing the flute. I also swim competitively for a local team, the Lightnings.  Go TEAM!

I consider myself a professional reader. My nose is in a book about 90% of the time. Some of my favorites are “Ender’s Game,” by Orson Scott Card; “The Heroes of Olympus” Series, by Rick Riordan; and “The Maze Runner” Series, by James Dashner.

I also enjoy watching movies and television sometimes.  My favorite movies are Marvel’s “The Avengers,” “The Fugitive,” and Disney’s “Hercules.” My favorite T.V. shows are “Penn Zero: Part Time Hero,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and “Gravity Falls.”

When I am not doing schoolwork, I read or write. Writing is something that I want to do for the rest of my life, which is why I am very excited to start my position with AJ’s Super Youth Team!

Megan, age 12

AKA: Sunshine in the forest

Nobody knows their destiny until they’ve lived it. I want to be able to make a difference in this world, but I’m not sure where I’m needed.

I’m interested in pursuing investigative journalism, psychology, law, physics, or engineering.

My favorite subject is creative writing.  I can be a bit of a logophile and a bibliophile. My favorite book is “Stargirl,” by Jerry Spinelli. 

I have 2 pets. I have a dog named Jack, who happens to be a Jack Russell Terrier. I also have a snake which is a speckled/desert king snake mix. 

Although I’m not specifically athletic, I enjoy swimming, sprinting, soccer, basketball, and roller skating for leisure. If foosball, air hockey, and reading were considered sports, I’d be at the Olympics.

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