The Internet and You
The whole world's looking in.
To protect your privacy, sometimes it's okay to have secrets.

Going online is fun. Most people who surf the web have a good experience.

Some people don't—they get into uncomfortable and even scary situations.

Follow these rules for online safety so you can have fun and stay safe...

...surfs up!

Internet safety tips

Before you go online

Ask your parent's about their rules for using the Internet. They want to keep you and your family safe. They probably have strong ideas about:

Remember to keep your password secret from everyone but your parents.

Don't even share it with your best friend!

While you're online

Do they ask for personal information? CLICK--you're gone!
Don't get caught by online scams.

Go to good places

There are many fun places to visit on the Internet! You don't need to explore the dark corners.

Want fun? Click on any of the links on this page!

AJ's offers you dozens of exciting stories to read and games to play... can post notes to your friends, invent your own Reader Poll question or read a story and submit comments for others to view.

Some of your favorite TV shows and toys have their own web sites. They are full of fun games, puzzles and safe ways to have fun!

Be safe and have fun!

Spend 15 minutes in any of these sites and test your knowledge:

Cool Sites to get Web Smart
NetSmartzKidsAn interactive site for kids and teens
SafeKidsKids' rules for Online Safety
The Wild Place for KidsAn interactive site for kids' online safety
Surf Swell IslandDisney's kids' site for online safety
For Kids By Kids OnlineAn online safety site run by Europeans kids

The Internet won't be fun if you aren't safe. The sites listed above use games to teach kids and teenagers how to be safe online.

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TRUE: Andrew Jackson enforced the Indian Removal Act that eventually led to the removal of 46,000 Native Americans off their homeland despite the Supreme Court ruling that the act was unconstitutional.
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