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Creative gifts for guys

Live life to the fullest.

What seems like a cool gift for one guy may be different for another. Teenage guys are typically into sports and you should give a gift that relates to their athletic interest. One idea is to get tickets to one of the sporting events a guy loves.

For me, I love going to the Liberty High School football games in Renton, Wash. with all my friends; I’m sure getting a ticket as a gift would be great for your guy friend.

Featured in the movie “Valentine’s Day,” Taylor Swift puts her boyfriend’s favorite number on the back of his jersey. Great idea, right? This present is creative and shows just how much you know about that person.

Which of these gifts would Madison claim means the most to the recipient?



A card filled with inside jokes

A new video game

By personalizing something such as a jersey you are making that person feel unique. He will constantly use this item and never forget who gave it to him. But if you are going to decorate something such as a jersey, please don’t bedazzle it!

A picture of the two of you, once again, would be a fantastic present. If he is one of your best friends then he can be reminded of you every day when he sees that picture.

When it comes to purchasing the perfect present, there is not much that can go wrong when you think it through this way. Just remember your friend’s interests and hobbies, as well as going all-out with your imagination.

Take the time

Friends and family are there for you through everything and love you for all that you are. Recognizing them with gifts lets them know just how much you care. With people as incredible as your best friends and parents, time and effort should be put into making the perfect gift, so start now!

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"I think that this article was well thought out and the author really put time into thinking of these good gift ideas. I will put these ideas into action and see how it goes."
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"I never really know what to get any of my friends and this story really helps. Addyhoops,VA,Age 11"
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"I truly enjoyed the article and will try some of the gift ideas. I think that a gift given from the heart is the most meaningful."
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"This article is very thought out and well writen I think that these gifts are way more meaningful because it shows whoever recieves the gifts that you really do care about them."
animalgirl, Fl, Age 12

"I love the ideas this article came up with. From personal experiances, I know that the picture frame is a wonderful idea and the way you elaborated on the gifts made the artical informative and interesting."
toric023, WA, Age 13

"I love this story because I can never really find a good gift that makes my friend go "WOW". This article really helped me notice that it really isn't the specific gift that makes a friend happy, it's the thought or feelings that they put into it."
puglink567, MI, Age 11

"I love this story because I always buy a gift car or give money to them on my friends or relatives in holidays. This story helped me with creating memorable gifts that they will never forget. Thank you."
geriloumr, Tx, Age 12

"I love the story because I am always panicking when events roll around and always end up getting art stuff. Thanks"
Bluebird, WA, Age 10

" Gifts that are meaningful are always a good idea. My grandparent stop buying us toys for Christmas because they knew we would get bored with them after a couple of weeks.So they started giving my family gifts that would leave us with fun memories. One year they got us tickets to the Great Wolf Lodge. It was a blast. My whole family loved it. Every year I look forward to their gifts. "
chocothegerb, WA, Age 11

""I like the article!All the gifts I get are like toys and items that just don't stick forever the way a picture or meaningful card would. My parents give me presents that leave a memory that would last forever. I think my friends would like the picture frame idea.""
Mandie10145, FL, Age 10

"Fun article! I reminds me one of my favorite gifts: my friend put together a card-making kit for my birthday. Now I use it to make cards for my other friends."
Flairica, wa, Age 11

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sunshineitf, MD, Age 12

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coolkid99, MI, Age 11

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coolkid99, MI, Age 11

"I think is was nice for someone to make this article for kids because kids don't really have money. I like how they put lots of thought in it to help kids with ideas for a gift!"
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"I love the idea for the card: I personally love making cards for my friends and you gave me a nice, new spin on them. I love the whole article!"
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"I love the way you give advice about gifts. It tells you do the easy thing if you not creative but it helps lots of people about gifts "
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