To Express Yourself, Use Your Head, Not Your Wallet
To spend or not to spend...that is a question?
When I got my first job it was easy to deceive myself that I could spend all the money I wanted. I figured it would be fine since I had money rolling in.

I quickly realized that this was not the case when week after week I was out of money two days after getting my paycheck.

There's nothing wrong with wanting new clothes, music, or books—it's just important to budget so you don't end up like I did. I was making purchases without really considering the consequences. I have learned when I have to say "no," which can be really hard to do when you see something you really want!

Money is Power

Spending is one of the chief ways we show other people who we are—or would like to be. It's also a way we try to take control of our lives. When you're a teenager, there's not much you can control. When you have control over your finances it gives you a sense of security.

For me, I take comfort in controlling what clothes I wear, what music I listen to, and what I do with my spare time. Spending money puts me in control of the material world.

When I go into a store, ready to spend money, I'm the customer and, as anyone knows who has heard the saying, the customer is king! Whatever store I go into with my hard-earned cash should treat me with respect.

When they do, I'm happy to throw down my money on a purchase I actually need. This is what makes spending powerful—I benefit with something I really need and the store is able to make a profit off my purchase.

Powerful Problems

Learn the best spending habits!

Sometimes we fall into temptation and buy things that we don't really need with money we don't have. It happens to the best of us, but there can be dire consequences if spending goes overboard:

Overspending sometimes can be a hard thing to kick. Switching over to a budget can be difficult, but you can learn...

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