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"This reminds me of the infinite beauty of God's creation---and also the wide contrasts that can be seen if one simply pauses to look about."
RJWEHAGE, 63, Longview, WA

"Please vote 4 Me!!! "
colorfulchic, 14, Kalama, WA

"Thanks, JanikaForMe, I've lived in AZ 1/2 my life and never took time to look something like this. Retta's mom"
Loretta, 15, tucson, az

"Thanks, I hope you will vote for me! :)"
colorfulchic, 14, Kalama, WA

"This really is a great feel of the pacific Northwest--strange shapes popping up on a rocky beach..."
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"This photo reminds me of such days--rare."
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"This is one of my favorites. Those colors! I would never have thought of painting those colors, and the rain on top so liquid..."
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"Yes, the title and description pull this all together, make me look more deeply at the photo."
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"The color and depth is excellent, very good catch."
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"This is very funny, and I swear those are slices of squash for his eyes and nose!"
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"That red umbrella, the rainbow, and the black and white figure is a great artistic touch."
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"The cloud and slight mist at the edges is a great capture!"
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"This must have been a hard shot--nice job! "
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"I love the spontaneous laughter!"
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"You did it Colorfulchic, it's awesome!"
JanikaForMe, 14, Bangor, ME

"Amazing photo awesome photoshop so colorful I love it ;)"
nene9197, 14, Tucson, AZ

"I love your picture, and I think it should be up in the top five. Even though I'm in the contest, I love your photo! :)"
colorfulchic, 14, Kalama, WA

"I know my picture is small, but I took it in Panoramic Mode to capture the beauty of Mount St. Helens. Please Vote!! I love you all that did!!"
colorfulchic, 14, Kalama, WA

"This is a really beautiful picture! It really captures all the beautiful colors of the fall."
N119KS, 17, North Olmsted, OH

"This is awesome! I love the title, it totally makes the photo."
eafdahl, 17, san antonio, TX

"Your picture is the best and most creative. I love how you made the umbrella a bright red and it is the only one that has color besides the rainbow. Well done!"
Kenna, 14, austin, TX

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Mount Hood: Fire and Ice
Melanie, 24
Longview, WA
The absence of snow led my family & me to the mountains. My city did not receive much snow this year, which is unusual. My photo’s name reflects the appearance of burning trees in the background, & this provides a nice contrast with the snow.
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