AGE 16
What advice do you have for other kids about school?
If you could start a business what would you sell?
What’s the best money advice you’ve ever heard?
What’s the worst money mistake you’ve ever made?
If you received $100, how would you spend it?
Whose face would you put on a new $100 bill?
What are you saving for?
What’s your best tip about saving money?
Be nice and caring to everyone you meet because you never know if that person will have a big impact on your life.
I would want to sell kids toys because it would be an endless revenue.
Put it into a secure spot so that when you are older and are in need of some money there's some in your account.
I was upset when I took five dollars out of my account when I was seven.
I would put it into my savings account.
President John F. Kennedy because on June, 10, 1963 Kennedy issued a law that had to do with wage difference based on gender.
Mainly for college.
Think about your future self.
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