AGE 16
What advice do you have for other kids about school?
If you could start a business what would you sell?
Whatís the best money advice youíve ever heard?
Whatís the worst money mistake youíve ever made?
If you received $100, how would you spend it?
Whose face would you put on a new $100 bill?
What are you saving for?
Whatís your best tip about saving money?
School is an amazing experience full of new knowledge and meeting new people! School can inspire hobbies and shape our identity. So enjoy it now.
I would sell the invention Wattertelle (water-tell, a wordplay on my last name) which is a robot capable of cleaning up the bottom of the seafloor to get rid of tons of litter. If you would love to hear more about my future invention ask me about it :)
Take short showers and ride your bike.
Spending my money verses saving my money.
I'd have to put it to the side for college.
I would want to see Obama for being a strong leader and the first black president.
College, so my parent and future me donít have a big amount of debt.
I take a quarter of the amount for spending money and the rest I give to my parents, but I keep track of the amount I give to them. Also, when I want to buy things, I make sure itís a good deal and I need it.
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