AGE 16
What advice do you have for other kids about school?
If you could start a business what would you sell?
What’s the best money advice you’ve ever heard?
What’s the worst money mistake you’ve ever made?
If you received $100, how would you spend it?
Whose face would you put on a new $100 bill?
What are you saving for?
What’s your best tip about saving money?
Find some extracurricular activities you enjoy. School organizations are great ways for students to meet new people with similar interests and enjoy themselves in a positive way. These organizations also look great on college applications.
Books—reading is my favorite pastime
Think before you spend.
I spent money on pointless trinkets that I never ended up using. Looking back on it, it was not a smart decision. I have just thought the trinkets were neat and bought them even though I would never use them.
I would put half of it in my yearly donation to the V Foundation for cancer research, and the other half would go into my savings account.
Amy Purdy. She is an inspiring person and an amazing person to represent America.
Buying a car and paying for college.
Divide your money into what you are saving and what you can spend.
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