How to Successfully Shop on Black Friday
Bring a shopping buddy.

Take these precautions

Stores heavily discount items to try to bring you inside the store. They count on you buying non-discounted items in addition to the discounted ones. Take these precautions to ensure you do not fall into the stores' schemes.

These precautions—as well as the preparations listed above—will help you spend less and still get great deals.

The Black Friday alternative

Despite the great deals, there are reasons not to shop on Black Friday:

But you really want to do it don't you?

Don't forget the tax man.
Even though Black Friday can be a lot of work to plan for and all the shopping can hurt your feet, it can still be fun and save you a pretty penny.

If you go shopping with a friend, it is almost guaranteed that you will have a good time.

In addition to having an enjoyable time, you can save a lot of money. I bought a computer this past year during Black Friday and saved $150.

There are many other deals that are even better, but you have to work hard to find them. Do your research, save your money, and have fun!

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"Looking at stories about Black Friday shopping makes me want to lock my doors and wait for Saturday! But Jack you did a great job and this is an article I showed to my parents because it had some really awesome advice!"
Angelique, 17, chicago, il

"I liked the ideas and tips you offered in this story. I have never been black friday shopping and would like to go this year. I will keep these things in mind."
Anna, 15, Montgomery, MN

"Since I have never gone Black Friday shopping in my life, I didn't really know that much about it. I learned a lot from this and it truly was a big help!"
chrislogar, 15, Blandon, PA

"I have gone shopping on Black Friday before and it was terrible; I didn't even buy anything because the lines were too long. Next time I go Black Friday shopping, I am for sure going to use the tips from this story to make my experience more enjoyable.This was a good informational story."

"I have never actually been Black Friday shopping before, and this article makes it sounds fun! Maybe I will go this year with my friends! I really like the ideas of bringing friends to stop you from impulse buys and only bringing the money you need in cash, not debit or credit cards. Another idea is to set up an account just for Black Friday shopping with the exact amount of money you need in it. Thanks for the great tips!"
Alexis R., 16, Chester, NH

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