Credit Union Careers: Supporting Roles
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Balancing the books

The accounting department handles all the money at the credit union. The accounting staff makes sure the money coming in matches deposits, and the money handed out matches withdrawals. This department pays the bills to keep the lights on and computers running.

The accounting department has to provide regular, detailed financial records to the executive team, the board of directors, and regulators like the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). These financial records indicate if the credit union is a safe and sound financial institution for its members.

Stopping the bad guys and girls

Identify theft is a growing crime. Along with the convenience of online shopping, debit and credit card use, and more, our information is vulnerable.

If your debit card is stolen, you need to report the theft and get the card cancelled immediately. To do so, you would work with the fraud department.

The fraud department helps members who have had their identities or information stolen. These employees investigate what happened by working closely with the police to share information that can lead to catching the thieves.5127_teacher_160
Marie teaches a leadership development class on managing change.

That's not all

These are some of the departments that make up the support team—and the types and titles of departments may depend on the credit union.

Whether you like computers or graphic design or math, there are career opportunities for you at a credit union.

Even in a support role, credit union employees make a difference in members' financial lives. They help ensure their money is safe, that they are getting the best information, and that they can access their information and tools when they want and need to most.

Just as with the front-line staff, no matter where you work in a credit union, it's all about people helping people.

Editor's note: Kelsey, community education director, Juan, lending trainer, and Marie, employee development coordinator are happily employed at A+Federal Credit Union, Austin, Texas.

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Austin, TX
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