Longboard: Feel the Rush
5005_callout3_160Assemble your board at the local skate shop

Visit your local skate shop

Most skate shops will put it together for free. They'll: 

Taking your materials out to the shop is really fun. You get to watch them put it together and check its ride.

After that your board will be ready to go. But before you can build a long board, you have to figure out what type is right for you.

Longboards come in all sizes and shapes

There are a ton of different shapes sizes and types of longboards:

The way your feet feel on the board and how it is shaped affect your speed.

How to buy a longboard

5005_callout4_160Where will your long board take you?
If you are looking into buying a longboard, first decide what you plan to do when you ride it.

Ask the sales reps at your local skate shop to help you match a board to your intended use.

Sizes are important. If you want to buy a preloaded board (already built), prices range from $100 to $1,000. Any local skate shop like Zumiez, Vans, Index, or Fast Forward will have longboards as well as skateboards.

If you’re starting out for the first time, I recommend you get a commuting board.

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""Although I am not interested in long boarding, I thought your article was very informative and I learned some things that I didn't know before about this activity. For someone who would like to build a long board, you provided many great tips and details!" Anna, 14, Montgomery, MN"
Anna, 14, Montgomery, MN

""I enjoyed reading this informational article. Although I would use a longboard or make one, I thought you included a lot of great details for someone who is interested in that activity" Anna P, 14, Montgomery, MN"
Anna, 14, Montgomery, MN

"Great job Jaden. This was an excellent story, but you could have given an experience you've had with your longboard."
Danhill64, 15, SOUTH ROCKWOOD, MI

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Angelique, 16, chicago, il

"Great story, I'm not into boards but I learned something for if I ever decide to make one."
Philipeagles, 16, Buffalo, NY

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Ivan.gwk, 17, tampa, fl

""Jaden, thank you for sharing with me your passion for longboarding. From your article I have learned a lot about longboards.Continue with your longboard endeavors." "

"I am not that interested in skate or longboarding, because where I come from, that type of exercise or activity isn't well used. We have snow here almost seven months of the year, however, it was very informative, and I may use this site for information if I ever choose to make one!"
wilsoncarlie, 14, Grayling, MI

"Although I am not personally interested in long-boarding, I learned a lot by reading about them and can relay the information to someone who might be interested in making one themselves."
Katie Stump, 16, Parma, MI

"I am not interested in Skateboarding but the story was interesting and enjoyable. I learned a lot while reading the story."
Trevon110, 17, Tampa, Fl

"I found this article very interesting, even for a person who does not enjoy skateboarding or building things. Jaden, have you ever actually made your own longboard, or do you just have them made in skate shops? I think it would be interesting to learn more about making it yourself. "
Alexis R., 16, Chester, NH

"I'm not very interested in skate or longboarding but I found your article very interesting and informative! "
chrislogar, 14, Blandon, PA

"The article was very interesting for someone who is into skateboarding and loves building things how cool would it be to build your own?"
chetparker1, 15, Dade city, fl

"I love this story. My younger brother has been looking into skateboarding and I am glad I read this article. "
Haley Boldt, 13, Longview, WA

"I really liked this story! I've been seeing a lot about longboards recently but didn't know they've been around so long. I might just use some of the information in this story to get my own and start longboarding around town. Great story!"
dennie, 17, Lemont, IL

"Great story Jaden! All my friends love to longboard and now I can tell them all the new things I learned. Your story was really entertaining and you did a great job with explaining everything!"
Devon, 18, Fox Lake, IL

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