Dance to Success

Dance team means lots of practice

A downfall about being on a dance team (and my least favorite aspect) is the countless practices that occur in the early morning, during the day (or after school), and at night.

Even though you've had several practices, if you're on a dance team, you'll have to practice at home or somewhere else outside of scheduled team practices to do well during the performance.

From experience, I've learned that being a part of a dance team is very time consuming. In between all of your practices, competitions, school work, and other performances, a dancer barely has time for a social life.

Another reason why being on a dance team is awesome is that you are able to enjoy and share different experiences with your peers. Yes, you can experience many things by taking dance lessons without being on a team, but it is always nice to be able to share a wonderful moment with someone.

Being on a dance team will strengthen your social skills by putting you in situations where you have to interact with others. At first, it may seem a bit overwhelming, but as time goes on, you learn how to communicate well with others.

4990_worth_it_160It's worth it!

Even though dancing on a team requires work and costs a lot, it is totally worth it. There is nothing you will regret about it.

It's all worth it

I am so glad that I decided to join a dance team. By being a part of a dance team, I learned that it takes determination, practice, and confidence to succeed.

Being a part of my dance team surely made my year a year to remember.

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