Typical Day Working at a Credit Union
I love being apart of our community events!

Community Involvement

Through my work experience I’ve learned that credit unions are very involved in their communities. Numerous times I’ve gotten to volunteer in my town at some very fun events.

Just at my credit union we’ve logged more than 12,000 hours of service and earned numerous awards.

Some events I’ve helped at are:

Another amazing thing I get to do is attend and promote educational classes the credit union offers to everyone in the community for free.

Adults can attend classes about money management and first time mortgages, but our popular classes are for teens. The classes are for ages 12 to 24 and teach about money management.

If you take the class when you’re 15, you can get approved for a credit card! I participated in the class and got my first credit card. The class helped me learn how to use it right.

I Love My Credit Union!

We have fun at our credit union. 

Working at a credit union has many different aspects and I have so many reasons to love my job! I have the opportunity to do a lot of different tasks and get involved in my town at events. I also love the fact that I get paid to do a really fun job!

Another reason this job has helped is now I understand finance and can do my own banking. I also can use what I’ve learned later in life when I go to college.

At least once a day member tells me how great the credit union is and how they would not go to another institution and that really is true loyalty and that’s rare.

I would encourage you to check with your credit union to see if it offers these types of jobs because it really is worthwhile and the possibilities are endless with a background in finance at such a young age.

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Age 16
Medford, OR
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"Thank you for this amazing story! My school lets us make deposits and withdrawals too.... for our lunch accounts ;). I wish we had a credit union branch like this opened up, it would really help teach students a lot about credit unions and how beneficial they are, plus they'd learn a lot about money management! You have actually given me an idea to submit to the administration at my school...."
bendres97, 15, Plainfield, Il

"My School also has a credit union within I took the class but you can only do it for half of a year and you don't get paid. "
sparkler, 18, , MA

"I'm really glad I got to see this article. Especially now since I have just recently opened my individual account at my own credit union. I appreciate the information you provided, thank you."
TheBoss37, 17, Sonoita, AZ

"Thanks for writing this interesting article. What a great first job! I had no idea that Credit Unions had such great programs like this! This article really makes me want to enroll in such a program. Daniel, 16, Brea, CA 07/23/12 "
Daniel, 16, Brea, CA

"I find it very cool you have the chance to work at a Credit Union when you're only in high school. This story was very informative and interesting, and I would love to have the chance to do that sometime!"
TheAlex50, 15, Vienna, WV

"This seems interesting to me, because at first I was really wondering how in the world a 14 year old could be a teller. Then I was able to understand. Well written! "
bendres97, 14, Plainfield, Il

"This is a very interesting story. I would love to have a part-time job working at my credit union, and I think it would be very beneficial to have a credit union program in high school. Students, in particular, really need to know more about credit unions. I found this story very engaging, informative, and well-written. "
Michaela, 15, Woodbury, MN

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