How to Date and Save Money

Save even more

Only take what you'll eat.

If you go to a certain ice cream parlor or café regularly, consider getting a punch card to save money on your tenth purchase (or whatever amount of purchases you need).

If you're old enough to have a credit card, avoid the ones that stores offer. They can negatively affect your credit score, especially if you are using multiple cards.

Another helpful hint: Always know your budget. Set a budget before a date, and plan accordingly. Plan ahead so you don't have to stop at random ATMs.

Additionally, if you use cash, don't just toss your change in random places. Keep it in one place and before you know it, you'll have enough saved up to go on another date!

No-stress presents.

Make it special

Let's talk special occasions. If you want to take your date out for his or her birthday, make sure the restaurant knows. Many places offer free dessert (or even dinner) for your birthday.

Are you stuck wondering what to get your significant other for Christmas? Talk to him or her ahead of time and set a spending limit.

It's no big deal, and this way, you're not stuck stressing out over an expensive gift, and neither is your boyfriend or girlfriend.


It's OK to be nervous and a bit stressed about dating. Remember, the most important thing is to relax and enjoy yourself, and your date will too!


You'll be glad you discussed your present-buying budget.

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"Good relatable story. Very interesting and its good advice but I believe that you should never imply that the woman has to pay no matter who asked who out."
Colbster101, 14, Los Alamitos, CA

"This was all very good advice. I've heard many different times from my friends about how much they spent on a present for their boyfriend or girlfriend just to discover that it was not returned. "
Kapriann, 15, Spokane, WA

""This is something I think we can all use eventually, and I'm a rather old-fashion guy, but dates do get expensive and if a girl offers to pay then let them, they have a right to say were you go or offer to pay if they want.""
eafdahl, 16, san antonio, TX

"this is all good advice! nice article! :)"
RGary02, 15, Hamilton, OH

"You gave some really good advice to avoid losing out on money, and I will most likely use it in the future!"
Chloe2013, 16, Medford, OR

"These are some great tips on a very relavent topic. Really nice job!"
N119KS, 16, North Olmsted, OH

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