Summer Athlete in Business
Two designs that I came up with for Maniac SkateboardsTwo Maniac designs

The case for my business

I could use income from my business to pay for the costs of the summer training programs. These camps can range from $300 to $1,200 for anywhere from one week to two months of training.

While growing my business is a large time commitment, I feel that it will benefit me in my future professional career.

There are numerous studies that suggest that employment during the school year may have a negative impact on a student's grades. This is said to be due to the amount of time spent at work and the lack of time available for studying.

On the flip side, other studies show that high school students who work throughout the year gain valuable skills that help them make the transition into adulthood as well as benefit them in their academics. Some researchers say that not only are enhanced jobs skills associated with these workers, but characteristics such as perseverance and dedication.

These characteristics are found to be correlated with good academic performance. Thus these studies conclude that the evidence shows employment and academics serve as reinforcement for each other. Click here to see the abstract to this research.

My plan

A picture of the original T-shirts that were printed One of the original T-shirts that were printed

I am confident that, with adequate planning and preparation, focusing on my own business would be more beneficial than working an outside job. I will have to work a little harder but I can set my own hours.

Because my business is online and I normally spend one to three hours working daily, it can easily fit anywhere in my daily schedule. Therefore I can work on my business as well as focus on wrestling this summer!

This will require dedication and time management. However, I am up to the challenge! I have a plan for how I'll spend my summer weekdays, leaving Saturdays for all-day wrestling events.

Do you know how you will spend your summer? Comment below!

Age 16
Richmond, VA
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""Hey. I really admire your intense ambition to be at the top in your sport and still maintain your entrepreneurial skills during the summer. It's a kinda wake up call to me when it comes to your sport commitment because I play varsity badminton (don't make fun of me!) during the fall and during the summer I have to do the proper conditioning so that I can be a great player on the team. Good luck to you! It's young people like you that we need in this day. BTW, cute pic!"
Lauren, 15, Brooklyn, NY

"I feel that this story reaches out to many people who have busy schedules, including myself. I think with hard work and dedication your business will succeed as well as wrestling season! Plus, you will still have time for some summer fun too :) I think you made a very good decision! Best of luck to you!"
RGary02, 14, Hamilton, OH

"I can relate to this because I too have a very busy schedule. I also have trouble prioritizing like you originally did. Sorting the events and pointing out the challenges has really helped motivate me as well!"
Kapriann, 15, Spokane, WA

"I really enjoyed your story. It was very well written, and I can tell that you have really thought this through. Keep up the good work, and good luck with your business and wrestling!"
N119KS, 16, North Olmsted, OH

""Wow that was a very well thought out story! You obviously spent plenty of time considering your options, and I hope your plan proves helpful. Good luck!""
eafdahl, 16, san antonio, TX

"Good job on this story, it helped me understand how to manage commitments and how to manage the time you do have during the summer."
Chloe2013, 15, Medford, OR

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