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"One tip that I could definitely take from this video is using different passwords for different sites. I think it'd be pretty helpful to just use a part of the website name in my password for each site! "
qbuchanan, 21, Madison, WI

"This was such a cool video! I've never been hacked before but I have used to the same password for everything since I was 7 and I got my first Webkinz account, and it hasn't been figured out yet! I think it's pretty clever."
TheAlex50, 15, Vienna, WV

"I've had my accounts hacked a few times before, and I have been forced to change my password. I use different capitals, and then I add a 4-5 digit number at the end that is unique to just me, such as my library card, student ID, or a birthdate of somebody i know in reverse. Very instructional video, I never knew that there were programs for windows that I can use to store all of my passwords. My computer remembers them for me, but only until I restart it. :( Thanks for all of the information, and I will be able to use that video to help explain password creation to other people."
bendres97, 15, Plainfield, Il

"I really enjoyed this video! My Facebook account got hacked last year, and since then I have used a system similar to the one described in the video. I think the video's system is slightly superior to mine, though, so I will definitely try to incorporate some of its suggestions!"
Michaela, 15, Woodbury, MN

"Cool video, thanks for all of the helpful tips!"
MarvinB , 16, Richmond, Va

"This video was great! I have a few friends that were hacked because they had the same, simple password for everything. This is something I would definitely share with them!"
Sammi Jo, 16, Westby, WI

"There are a lot of common passwords that people use and I think it's really important to use hidden inside knowledge that only you're aware of. I have been hacked before and it's not fun, so I strongly suggest to make a strong password!"
kendallweb, 16, Klamath Falls, OR

"EXCELLENT video! It's informative and everyone who uses the internet benefits from the information. I also liked how websites are included at the end- we can all be smart and savvy internet users."
Hannah457, 17, Camas, WA

"This video is very interseting, I definatly will think about this next time for my password"
Varsity FB, 16, Sahuarita, AZ

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