Txt Bak? U Can W8!
If you're texting, you're not driving."

The cost of distraction

There are many costs related to distracted driving. You can be fined for breaking state law. Each state’s fines vary:

Apart from fines and jail time, there are insurance costs. Each insurance company has its own definitions and ways of dealing with distracted driving. No matter what the cause, if you are in an accident your insurance rates are likely to increase, especially as a young driver.

The ultimate cost related to distracted driving is impossible to assign a dollar value to—the cost of a human life. If you drive while distracted and cause an accident that kills someone, there’s no way to put a value on how much that person’s life was worth.

Take the pledge

Commit today to keeping your hands on the wheel. 

As a new driver, there are so many more things you need to focus on than what your friend just texted you. It’s hard enough to focus on the traffic around you than to also focus on texting.

Pledge to make your car a distraction-free zone. This includes cellphones, eating, drinking, changing music—and friends. Make it clear to them that, when you are driving, you need to focus.

And when you are riding in friends cars, do not distract them; make sure they are focused on the road as well. It’s your life at stake, too.

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"I don't txt cuz it's against the law but I'm finding more and more that simply talking on the phone is a dangerous distraction. "
Fiona98, 13, Palm Bay, FL

" This story is great. The information provided is helpful in many ways, and to many people. My sister is one who likes to try to text and drive at the same time. When I do go somewhere with her, I make her hand it over so she won’t be tempted to text. There are so many other things one needs to worry about and look out for when driving, why distract yourself with your phone?"
Sammi Jo, 16, Westby, WI

"Great story, this was actually very helpful information.. I always put my phone away before I even turn on the car."
MarvinB , 16, Richmond, Va

"This story provided so much helpful information and was a great reminder not to text and drive. I always make sure my cell phone is on silent and in my backpack or bag so I don't get the urge to see who's texting me or calling me. Thanks for the great reminder!"
Hannah457, 17, Camas, WA

"I shut my phone off when driving, this way I don't have to have the temptation to look at it while driving. I have even gotten so of my friends to do the same thing. "
sparkler, 17, , MA

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