Video Games: Casual or Core?

Two types of gamers

Video Game Developers

Nintendo also owns popular first-party franchises such as Pokémon, Mario, and Zelda, which are exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

Nintendo's consumers are generally children younger than 13 or adults older than 40. Casual gamers simply play video games for fun and don't play for very long. They usually only buy popular mainstream titles.

Meanwhile, PlayStation and Xbox fight over "core gamers" using expensive hardware, realistic graphics, and complex games.

Competitors are catching up

I'm moving but is it tracking me?

 Microsoft and Sony are aware of Nintendo's successful appeal to wider audiences and have initiated projects to mimic Nintendo's console, the Wii.

Both companies added a new dimension of game play by adding motion sensing to the Xbox 360 and PS3. This allows you to interact more directly with a virtual character and make controls more natural, so that you could move his or her arms instead of memorizing a sequence of buttons.

Microsoft Kinnect has developed a system in which a camera will track any motion made, allowing users to play games on Xbox 360 and Xbox One without controllers. Instead of using a hand-held controller, users will directly control the games with their own bodies.

Sony has taken a less drastic approach through PlayStation Move. PlayStation Move is similar to the Wii, but much more precise.

Despite mass improvements and frequent updates, the video game market has again fallen into a slump

Nintendo has shown that innovation will attract a larger audience and garner sales. However, Nintendo needs to be careful not to compromise existing markets in the process of gaining newer audiences.

Video games have made a place in popular culture by gaining millions of users and making billions of dollars, securing a solid place in the entertainment world.

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"This story was very interesting and I learned a lot since I used to play video games. "
Colbster101, 14, Los Alamitos, CA

"This story is very interesting! I didn't know a whole lot about the marketing/sales side of video games."
brittanymorr, 18, Camas, WA

"I am not a big video game player, but I found this story to be very interesting. Video games are a big part of people's lives now and I believe they will only grow. I do have a Wii and XBOX 360, but I don't play on them much. However, sometimes I will play with my family on the Wii. I also sometimes like play video games a lot with my friends (mainly on the XBOX 360). "
Jack11, 14, Sea Cliff, NY

"Great article! Really intriguing!"
ShemarW, 17, Washington, DC

"I rarely have time to play on video game consoles between homework and tennis and everyday life but I prefer the Nintendo Products. I play my DS Lite and Wii whenever I get a chance. "
kgreen1997, 17, N. Richland hills, TX

"I use my brother's play station to play Minecraft and watch Netflix. Does that count? :)"
Eva Baker, 19, Jacksonville, FL

"Although I'm not a big fan of video games, this article is very informative. Our family has a Wii. Although it really only gets used by my little sister, it's lots of fun when the entire family comes over. The new Kinect sounds pretty cool too- is that the same thing as the Natal?"
Hannah457, 17, Camas, WA

"I do own a PS3, but I play it rarely. This was actually a very interesting article for me. Thanks for all the great facts!"
MarvinB , 16, Richmond, Va

"I love Nintendo. For years, even since the very first gaming system called Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo has done it better than Microsoft and others. Sega was never as good and Nintendo does it right. I prefer playing games on a gaming system than a computer, but this was a really cool story!"
kendallweb, 16, Klamath Falls, OR

"I love video games, so this was a very interesting and attention grabbing story. My family has a Nintendo Wii that we have a lot of fun with when we all get together for holidays! I very much enjoy playing games like Halo and C.O.D, even though I'm not all that great most of the time!"
Sammi Jo, 16, Westby, WI

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