Don't Wait--Get Into Extracurriculars!
Mile after mile...

Benefits for your well-being

You acquire a skill, and this talent sets you apart from other people. 

For example, running cross country obviously made me a good runner, and I became physically fit. People really respect you when you can run for several miles without stopping!

I also made a lot of friends. The cross country team spent a lot of time together because we had practice every morning during the summer, and at meets we would go cheer each other on. My freshman year, I even made friends with seniors! 

In debate, we go on several out-of-town weekend trips every year. Spending so much time together makes you much closer than if you just saw them in class. 

These types of friends turn into lasting relationships, and many people keep in contact, even after college. You work hard together, which brings you closer.

All of those miles I run really show my determination.

Your future wallet

After high school and college, you’re going to need to get a job. When you go to an interview, having been involved in activities becomes very important. 

Your potential employer might not care so much about the fact that you played football in high school, but participating in extracurriculars has other benefits that will help you get the job. 

By being involved in any activity (although college activities will carry more weight than high school since they are more recent), you prove to your future boss that you have ambition and drive. 

He or she will see that you were dedicated to something, which means that you will be devoted to your job. This automatically gives you an edge in the competitive job market. 

I've learned so many useful skills.

The long-term benefits of extracurricular activities will really help you when you’re applying for a job and when you finally have one. 

So go get involved!

I love all of my activities, and I (honestly!) don’t do them just to get into college. I have made many great friends, and the skills I have learned will lead me to success in my future. 

Many people get involved in their school or community and really enjoy doing it. 

So what are you waiting for? Get involved!

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Age 17
Spokane, WA
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"I am totally like you! I love extracurricular activities and some people just think I am weird and do too much. I help out with yearbook and in many clubs including Government Club, Oceanography Club, National Junior Honor Society, No Place for Hate Club, Interact Club, Band Leadership Team and more. I am involved greatly in all of those clubs especially National Junior Honor Society because I am the president! Extracurricular activities are fun and they really help your social skills and your leadership. "
Kenna, 14, austin, TX

"I am in total agreement! The skills, friendships and feeling of belonging in your school make extra curricular activities the way to go."
RGary02, 15, Hamilton, OH

"I totally agree with you in the fact that participating in extracurricular activities can help improve your grades. I always work harder in every area of my life when I'm wrestling. My workouts not only make me stronger, but they also increase my brainpower! "
MarvinB , 16, Richmond, Va

"Im busy basically everyday throughout the year, in the Fall im playing football, Winter im lifting weights, Spring im running track, and Summer Im getting ready for football, So im really busy weekly. I think being in shape though is something everybody needs and its good for you."
Varsity FB, 15, Sahuarita, AZ

"This article inspired me to continue with my activities throughout my senior year. It's a big year, but it's definitely worthwhile to continue with all my clubs and sports. It gives me a lot of fulfillment."
Hannah457, 17, Camas, WA

"My first year of highschool I stoped one of my extra circulars that I did during middle school. I regret so much since all of my friends continued with theater and I was just home doing homework. It I had done it I would of spent more time with my friends. I did it the next school year and on show night I was so glad I did but I was secretly wishing I had 3 more years instead of just 2. "
sparkler, 16, Dracut, MA

"This is an awesome story to show people that they need to get involved! Personally, I am very involved in my school choir and cross country. I also do track and Future Business Leaders of America. I somehow balance everything out. i think having a few extracurricular activities makes you focus more on your schoolwork. It's fun and healthy and I think everyone should do at least a couple extracurricular activities!"
kendallweb, 15, Klamath Falls, OR

"Though I am not involved in as many extracurriculars as you are, I do love those that I am in! I enjoy participating in our school Musical, Forensics, Creative Writing Festival. I was also in our school Choir, but had to drop that because I had no room in my schedule for the upcoming year. I agree that extracurricular activities are very important to ones' life in many different ways!"
Sammi Jo, 15, Westby, WI

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