Easy Tips for Saving
Saving helps you get the things you want!

Some people are very good at saving money.

But many people are not good savers—they're excellent spenders.

This can lead to money problems, such as not being able to pay back the money they borrowed.

Now's the time to learn how to save money. It will help you get the things you want now, and throughout your life!

It's not that hard—if you make it a habit. When you follow these savings tips, you'll always have cash in hand and be in control.

Tip one: Decide what you want to save for

I can't carry you like this all day!
I'm saving for a bird cage!

First decide what you want to save for. It might be something for your pet, a video game, or a birthday present for your friend.

Things like that don't cost much money and take only a few weeks or a month to save for. They're called short-term savings goals.

Write down your short-term savings goals.

Things that cost more money take longer to save up for. A new bike, the next version of Play Station, or your portion of travel expenses for a class trip are medium-term saving goals.

Write down your medium-term savings goals.

Major things, such as a car when you're a licensed driver or your college education, require larger amounts of money. You aren't thinking about them now, but you can start saving now.

It will take much longer to save for those expensive things. These are your long-term savings goals.

Write down one or two long-term savings goals.

Keep reading to find out tips two and three...

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