Debit or Credit: Which To Use?
In the end, you pay no matter which card you use.
Which one—debit or credit?Click me.

As you get closer to graduation, you'll find more junk mail in your mailbox—text, snail mail, and e-mail.

Soon after that will include a flood of credit and debit card solicitations—all addressed to you. They might even spell your name right.

You're probably tempted to sign up for one of these plastic cards.

Why use plastic at all?

Why would you want a credit or a debit card? Think convenience. They often work when checks don't:

So which do you use, and when?

Debit or credit?

Whose money are you using?

The question of debit card versus credit card isn't an either/or decision. Both cards have a place in your pocket.

But, while they may look alike and can be used for the same purpose, there's a big difference between a debit and a credit card.

The difference is: whose money are you using?

Depending on which card you use for a particular purchase, you'll be using either your's, or a lenders money....

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