Find the Best Car
Surprise! Opinions WILL differ.
Forbe's 10 cars that changed the world.

You're buying your first vehicle. What's the right car for you? The answer depends on whom you ask!

Ask your parents

As a first car, parents usually want teenagers to own "middle-of-the-road" vehicles. They look at middle price range, middle performance, and mid-size.

The reasons are obvious. A mid-sized car:

Parents believe that a high-performance car is too much, too soon for most new drivers.

Ask your insurer

According to the nation's leading auto insurer, you'll get the best premium rates by choosing a vehicle with the:

Sounds like your parents, right? But, as one agent pointed out, "if there's not a lot to go wrong with the car, it's cheaper to insure."

The type of vehicle also makes a difference. Most teenagers will start out with a used car. Auto Guide lists the top 10 cheapest vehicles to insure for teens. Here are the top seven:

  1. 2008 Audi A3: $1,960
  2. 2008 Honda Accord Sedan: $2,040
  3. 2008 Mercury Sable: $2,610
  4. 2008 Ford Taurus: $2,670
  5. 2008 Subaru Forester: $2,750
  6. 2009 Mercury Milan: $2,790
  7. 2008 Scion xB: $2,790

Not interested in any of those? Here's a good rule of thumb you can use: any vehicle with an original sticker price of $16,000 to $22,000 would be a safe bet on lower insurance premiums.

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