Why Auto Insurance is a Must-Have
Insurance protects us from paying for major automotive damage.
It might seem like a waste of money at first, but in reality auto insurance makes it so you won't lose your money.

For example, if you are in an accident, auto insurance pays for damage or harm you cause to or get from others. Auto insurance also keeps you from losing too much money if your car is stolen.

The premium—what you pay for insurance—is based on risk.

What's a High-Risk Driver?

A high-risk driver is someone who could cost the insurance company more money than a low-risk driver. If they think you will cost them more, they will charge you more.

Here are a few things insurance companies look at to measure risk:

There are two things that insurance companies call risk that you can't control:1779_insurance button_160
Don't add to the number of Stolen Cars.

There are a few things you can control:

Am I legal without insurance?

Make, model and year are also factors. Cars that cost more, are expensive to repair, or are favorite targets for thieves have higher premiums.

Ask your insurance agent to tell you what the insurance premiums will be before you buy the vehicle, and decuss the deductible.

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