Invest Now

Videography, script and music: Nick Grube
Spokesperson: Paul Feldhausen

Filmed in Chicago, Ill. and Madison, Wis.

NOTE: Nick and Paul made this video when Roth IRA limits were lower; you can invest even more now. Talk to a credit union IRA specialist for more information.

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"I hope that I can invest soon. The Roth IRA seems to be a great investment. Now I'm a freshman so taking his advice I guess I should start now. "
Jack11, 14, Sea Cliff, NY

"Editor sez: It's true, you can't beat the benefits of investing early because *time* and *compounding* put you so far ahead. How big are the benefits of starting early? If a 19-year-old began contributing $1,500 each year to a Roth IRA, by age 68 he or she would have about $608,000, assuming an average annual return of 7%. Try the investment calculator on this site and play with some numbers to see how these totals develop."
feebee, 13, Madison, WI

"Wow. Those are amazing returns in this economy. However, maybe I'm not understanding something, but I can't see how your 18,000 will grow to 500,000 in another 30 years or so. Also, I don't understand how investing 3 years earlier could double your return 30 years later. Anyways, I think investing at a young age is important and teenagers should start considering it now. "
Juice, 17, West Palm Beach, Fl

"WOW, this is what actually happens when someone invests early in a IRA. The money just continues to grow and I'm glad to see the investment Paul made worked out. And it can work out for you too!"
KevO, 18, San Marcos, TX

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