How to Prevent Identity Theft

Videography: Alec Jankowski, age 18
Spokesperson: Lauren Christianson, age 16
Frustrated victim: Jillian Bradbury, age 16
Casual victim: Kelsey Balcaitis, college intern
Thief: Brady Murphy, age 18
Friend: Nick Grube, college intern
Music: Dieter Schaaf

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"Great Video! I should consider shredding documents that have personal information. Thanks for the advice! Daniel, 16, Brea, CA 1/18/13"
Daniel, 16, Brea, CA

"This was very to the point and informative, and will remind those who know and informn those who don't about the dangers of identity theft and how to prevent them."
TheAlex50, 15, Vienna, WV

"This is a wonderful, brief, but very informative video. Nice job! I have seen commercials for expensive insurance you can purchase to protect yourself from identity theft, but these simple steps are so much easier and cheaper to implement! I have heard a number of stories about victims of identity theft, and I know that I would not want to be one of them."
Michaela, 15, Woodbury, MN

"Very easy to understand and the scenarios offered humor to make the video more entertaining. I'll definately need to keep these tips in mind."
TheBoss37, 17, Sonoita, AZ

"My dad and my aunt have both had to deal with stolen credit cards, and it is not a fun thing to fix. I know how hard it is on everybody, especially for the person who owns the card. My mom just had fraud reported on her credit card right before Christmas of this past year, and she just got her new card in the mail yesterday. It was a real pain for all of us. Thank you for the informational video, it really opened my eyes to all the places Identity thieves look."
bendres97, 15, Plainfield, Il

"Watch your back at all times!! Identity thieves are very tricky and smart. These helpful tips will give you a advantage when the occasion arises."
KevO, 18, San Marcos, TX

"Well done!! Great video and good information, simple to understand. Alexandra Majewski"
moloko528, 14, fort myers, fl

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