Calligraphy in Japan

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"Calligraphy is such a neat expression of writing! Japanese calligraphy seems like a great traditional skill. I've tried English calligraphy and it's incredibly interesting. I really think it improved my regular penmanship too! Daniel, 16, Brea, CA 03/10/13"
Daniel, 17, Brea, CA

"I admire what the Japanese are keeping alive through old traditions as well as how they incorporate them with the new generations. Before the video I did not know what calligraphy was but I realize it is a very beautiful and artistic method of writing."
TheBoss37, 17, Sonoita, AZ

"I think that it's really cool to see how the Japanese preserve old traditions as well as constantly introduce new ones! The Calligraphy was so cool, and it looks so perfect the way it was drawn, i still think it was computer animated!"
bendres97, 15, Plainfield, Il

"I really enjoyed this video! I love the combination of the ancient with the modern, and I really want to learn English calligraphy. I recently received a fountain pen as a gift, so I have also been experimenting with older and fancier methods of writing. I think that old-fashioned methods ought to be sustained, and they can be really fun, too!"
Michaela, 15, Woodbury, MN

"Wow, this is great. I love Asian art and I love when typography and drawing is combined. I'm so glad that there are still people out there who know the traditional way to write with a painbrush. It's truly beautiful and inspiring."
kendallweb, 16, Klamath Falls, OR

"This was very interesting. It's cool how each one means something. I am not familiar with Japanese calligraphy so it was nice to see the beauty and the preciseness of each one."
Hannah457, 17, Camas, WA

"I have never really looked into Japanese calligraphy, so this was a very interesting video for me. Thanks!"
MarvinB , 16, Richmond, Va

"I found this video very interesting! I have always though Japanese calligraphy was fascinating, how precise every stroke is, and how the meanings change with each stroke! I think it is important to keep your heritage and past alive, and this is an awesome way to do so!"
Sammi Jo, 16, Westby, WI

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