What's Your Focus?

Videographer: Rick Fatke
Spokesperson (Clare): Carrie Coon, college senior

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"Whenever my life is off kilter, I'm always so stressed. Keeping things in your life balance is a necessity for people all over the world. This video works really well to prove that point and get that message across! I really liked this video and it held my attention. Great work!"
Devon, 18, Fox Lake, IL

"This video is very helpful and inspirational! It is difficult to balance everything a person may have in a busy schedule, but, like the video tells us, it is good to prioritize! This videos will be very helpful to everyone, but especially teens and young adults. Thank you for making this video Carrie, it holds some very good advice! I'll be sure to follow the example!"
Audratise, 14, San Antonio, TX

"This video reminded me that I need to always make sure I prioritize before I do ANYTHING. My life requires so much organizing, it's hard to do anything without planning ahead. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)"
Hannah457, 16, Camas, WA

"Being focused is essential to everyday living. It keeps you healthy, mentally, physically, and emotionally. This next school year I had too much on my plate, and my classes were off balance, leaving me no time to study and work, so I had to drop a class to make room for a study hall. I knew that in order to balance school, work, friends, and keeping up the house while my parents are at work, I needed time during my school day to get some homework done, allowing more time to accomplish more at home and at work. "
Sammi Jo, 15, Westby, WI

"This is a great video! I like to balance my life with sports, homework, and choir. It's that mix of things that makes me able to get through my days. Sports get me feeling good physically and mentally, homework let's me just completely focus on something for a few hours, and choir is when I can sing loud and let it all out. I think working hard and having fun at the same time is the healthiest balance possible. When something gets too hard I work through it. Then it seems even better than before"
kendallweb, 15, Klamath Falls, OR

"I love this video! Because I am involved in so much I often get stressed, but this video really shows me how to balance it all out. Thank you :) "
JaneaP, 17, Tallahassee, FL

"This is a good video. It shows information about studies,your social life, and your money issues or problems. This is great information for all teenagers"
Varsity FB, 15, Sahuarita, AZ

"Be sure you put whats important in life first, before all the other petty things. Its going to improve your life and make you feel good. Thanks for the awesome video!"
KevO, 18, San Marcos, TX

"This video is great! I often get stressed because I don't have enough time and spend too much on extracurricular activities such as wrestling, martial arts, and clubs at school. This video actually connected with me on a personal level. After writing this comment, I'm off to figure out what exactly I want to do and balance my schedule! "
Juice, 16, West Palm Beach, Fl

"Great video! This really hits home with me and it identifies the important things in life such as getting an education, prioritizing family life, and staying on top of financial matters. What a positive message to communicate with teenagers. Great job"
KevO, 17, San Marcos, TX

"I completely understand why one needs to have a balanced life. I am a very busy person have a lot on my plate, but that is the only way I can function. I know how much I can handle and right now in my life, I am at my fullest. However, if someone does get to the point where they feel like they have too much on their plate, they do need to take this video's advice and re-evaluate what they have to do. One needs to prioritze their life to be able to see what is the most important to them. Great video and some great advice Carrie and Rick!"
busybee123, 15, Stafford, VA

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