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"This video gives great on ideas for community service. It is great that it points out that community service is one of the points that companies and colleges look at when evaluating you. I have to do community service for National Honor Scoeity and Music National Honor society (Tri-M). Every year, I volunteer at the marine Corps Marathon handing out packages to runners who have left clothes in a bag in the UPS trucks or answering questions, such as "Where's the starting line?" I also make and tie quilts for the local quilt guild's charity, Star Quilts. These quilts are given to the local polic department who distribute them between their cop cars and hand out the quilts when they collect children from accidents and such. For Tri-M, I have to do community service somehow relating to music, such s singing at the local nursing home. My clubs give me a wide range of community service opportunities and I love it. "
busybee123, 16, Stafford, VA

"Community service is another great way to earn scholarships, especially for graduating seniors in high school. Really get involved, it will definitely pay off later!"
KevO, 17, San Marcos, TX

"Community service is a great way to provide for those that are less fortunate. Many feel community service requirements for schooling is an unusual requirement however these services can help you get your foot in the door for your future. "
Derek, 18, Manitowoc, WI

"Service is a rewarding way to give back to the community you live in."
Eloise, 17, Madison, WI

"This is really informative about community service, and it's importance! To anyone in highschool: get a head start on community service try not to wait until your senior year! The earlier the better!"
Rakhee Patel, 17, Seffner, FL

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