When Your Tech Goes Stale

Videography, script and music: Alec Jankowski, age 19
Spokesperson: Kyle, age 19

Filmed at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia.

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"Nice video! It will really help people who purchase used things, because we always assume they've been checked."
TheAlex50, 16, Vienna, WV

"Bendres97, would you like to write a story about the other things you mention? Send us an email letting us know you're interested, just hit the Contact C-Note link on the left side of this page!"
-editor, 64, Madison, WI

"This video is a really good example of what to do with strictly video game systems. But another good thing to mention is what to do with other devices, like phones and computers. Most stores won't take these as trade ins. Otherwise, the video was very informational. Thank you!"
bendres97, 15, Plainfield, Il

"I'm glad I saw this video I still have tons of games and consoles from when I was a kid and would like to make some money off of them instead of have them gathering dust. The tips are much appreciated!"
TheBoss37, 17, Sonoita, AZ

"Thanks for all these great tips! It seems like my tech is always going stale and this is great advice to upgrade. I should definitely try to trade in my old electronics. Daniel, 17, Brea, CA 05/18/13"
Daniel, 17, Brea, CA

"This is a very intresting video. I didn't know that you could trade in used electronics. But like others have said it would be useful to know where to buy and give away the used electronics."
misa09, 16, Sahuarita, Az

"Good job on the advice, but maybe some help on where to buy stuff."
Jesse, 14, Clinton, WI

"This video was helpful towards buying used tech things but i would've liked to know where to find them."
Katie, 15, gibraltar, mi

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