The Lady and the 10

You're about to see a new face in your billfold—and this time around it's going to be a woman!

This is big news in the world of U.S. currency. The last time that new portraits were added to our currency was between 1914 and 1928, and those were all men. Now, Alexander Hamilton will share the spotlight on the $10 bill with a woman.

But don't get too antsy for your brand-spanking new $10 note. The U.S. Treasury Department says the redesigned bills aren't expected to go into circulation until 2020.

What's taking so long?

It might seem easy to just slap a new picture onto the $10 bill and call it a day. But currency redesign isn't all about looks.


There is a lot of technology used in the production of U.S. currency to prevent counterfeiting. If money was just printed in black and white on regular old paper, people could easily make fake bills that look real.

Take a look at the security features on our current $10 bill. It has:

And to think they're adding more! No wonder it takes so long to create and distribute new currency.

One awesome addition that is expected to be on the new 10 is a tactile feature that will help blind people tell different bills apart, kind of like braille...

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