Three ways to Save Money in College

Videography, script and music: Alec Jankowski, age 19
Spokesperson: Drew, age 19

Filmed at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia.

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"These are some great tips. Another suggestion I would make is to limit the amount of times per week that you go out to eat. It really makes a difference if you eat your own groceries instead of going to a restaurant."
qbuchanan, 21, Madison, WI

"My brother is about to go to college and he is already hurting financially so I'm scared for him! He isn't the best at shopping either. I tell him repeatedly to go with generic brands but he refuses! He doesn't realize how big of a difference it will make in the long run."
Kapriann, 15, Spokane, WA

""Life in college is hard enough with all the stress of classes, the last thing you need is to struggling with money, you should also make sure you have two things in mind when buying anything, wants vs. needs. If you dont need the item right now, try waiting till the end of the month after the bills to see if you can mannage the extra spending.""
eafdahl, 16, san antonio, TX

"good advice! these tips are important and help save money! :) "
RGary02, 15, Hamilton, OH

"The video was a great resource to make better choices in the future such as buying used books to save money."
Chloe2013, 16, Medford, OR

"These are some really great tips on saving money in college. With this economy, it keeps getting harder to get by, and these tips are very helpful in staying financially sound while at school."
N119KS, 16, North Olmsted, OH

"Awesome ways to save money in college. This will effectively work and save thousands of college students from high cost expenses. Great Job!"
KevO, 17, San Marcos, TX

"This was one of the better videos I've seen on C-Note. It was short and sweet, which is the best. Plus, it downloaded fast on my computer, so I was quickly able to view it. It had great information and gave just enough detail not to bore the reader. It also wasn't over-the-top cheesy, which I find a lot of these videos are. The information, like I said before, was the greatest part about this video. It was up-to-date and clear. The video quality was good and the extra pictures enhanced the information. Amazing job Alec and Drew!"
busybee123, 15, Stafford, VA

"this video helped alot ill make sure i buy used books and pack my room with lots of snacks lol"
michi, 18, washington , dc

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