Part Time to Career
All I knew was I needed a job!
During my sophomore year in high school I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my future. All I knew was that I'd have to pay for my college education and would need a job.

I learned about a youth apprenticeship program at UnitedOne Credit Union. An opportunity to work there practically jumped into my lap. I decided to take it.

My first big day!

As my first day at UnitedOne Credit Union approached, I got nervous. I didn't know what actually was going to happen.

I knew I'd have meetings throughout my first week of work with different managers, so I could get acquainted with what they do. Because I didn't know these people, that added to the nervousness.

As I got to the branch that I would wind up working at for a couple of years the supervisor was the most fun, hilarious person I ever met. She wasn't like a supervisor, she was more like a friend—the class clown—but she was in charge. It made everything a little easier and calmed my nerves about starting my first job.

My job

I started as a teller and added accounting to my skill set.
I started in January of my sophomore year as a teller, training full time over Christmas break.

I stayed in that position about a year an a half—until May during my junior year. Then a lucky break came my way.

The person who encoded our checks (typed the dollar amount of the check on it so it could clear the account for the proper amount) was out of work for a couple weeks after having surgery. 

Her supervisor asked me to fill in and encode checks in our accounting department for those two weeks.

After encoding checks, on some days I would have a few hours left before the end of the day. So I began balancing different accounts for the credit union.

Hard work pays off

My hard work and willingness to do whatever needed to be done paid off. Pretty soon they put me to work in the accounting department on different projects once a week.

Through this experience I learned more about different services offered to members such as payroll transfers, wire transfers, and internal transfers. An unexpected result was that because I saw so many completed forms, I learned how to fill out the applications properly. I will never need to have someone else help me fill out these kinds of forms!

In August at the beginning of my second year in the youth apprenticeship program, I started to train on account opening so I would be knowledgeable in more areas...
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